“No green thumb needed—this kit has it all!”

By Christina Butan
Updated June 12, 2019
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The Nature’s Blossom Sow & Grow Seed Starter Kits
Credit: amazon.com

Let’s face it—growing certain types of produce, like berries or tomatoes, can definitely seem daunting. You may have purchased some seeds in the past with a plan to do it all on your own, but then had no luck—probably because you didn’t have quite everything you needed. While there are tons of starter gardening kits out there that provide special soil mixes, growing pots, and more items to help the process, not all of them garner successful results. Fortunately, Amazon shoppers are known for leaving in-depth reviews to let others know what’s really worth trying out—and they’ve deemed these beginner gardening kits from Nature’s Blossom as some of the best.

The Nature’s Blossom Sow & Grow Seed Starter Kits ($22; amazon.com) are the most-reviewed gardening kits on the retail giant’s site, with over 1,000 shoppers leaving them raving five-star reviews. The home gardening brand has several kits available, offering all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and flowers to grow on your own, including purple carrots, kale, tea herbs, tomatoes, onions, pumpkins, and sunflowers. Each kit comes with four varying organic seed packets, compressed soil mix, biodegradable growing pots, plant markers, and an in-depth instruction manual. Customers say that while the results may take time, the kits really do work.

“My kids and I planted our tomato seeds on January 23rd. We're in Southern California, and we were having a week or so of very warm weather, so finding a sunny/warm window for them was not a problem. It took 8 days for the very first sprouts to appear,” one shopper wrote. "[Three months later] we have 4 thriving tomato plants (one of each variety) growing nicely in grow bags. Although these got a bit of a slow start, they are doing well, and we're hoping to see some actual fruit in the next week or two.”

Below, shop some of our favorite Nature’s Blossom starter kits, or browse through them all here. Plus, if you buy two kits, you can get a third one free: Just include code TYLVCMDF at checkout. Happy gardening!

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Nature's Blossom Exotic Vegetables Grow Kit
Credit: amazon.com

1 Nature's Blossom Exotic Vegetables Grow Kit

This kit gives you the chance to grow fun vegetables you don’t see everyday, like purple carrots, black corn, lemon cucumbers, and romanesco broccoli. “My kids have thoroughly enjoyed growing their exotic vegetables. It took a few weeks to see a sprout but they all sprouted within two days of each other and we are definitely enjoying our first planting endeavor,” one shopper wrote.

To buy: $22; amazon.com

Nature’s Blossom Fruit Grow Kit
Credit: amazon.com

2 Nature’s Blossom Fruit Grow Kit

Berry lovers, rejoice: This kit gives you the chance to grow them in your very own home. It includes blackberry, goji berry, raspberry, and blueberry seeds. Customers say the goji berries (which are anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting) tend to sprout first.

To buy: $22; amazon.com

Nature's Blossom Herb Garden Kit
Credit: amazon.com

3 Nature's Blossom Herb Garden Kit

Who doesn’t want to have a bit of basil and cilantro growing on their windowsills? This kit comes with five herbs—sage, parsley, cilantro, thyme, and basil—that all make great additions to tons of meals and desserts. Many customers who are searching for “apartment gardening” say they’ve chosen this kit.

To buy: $22; amazon.com