These Fast-Acting Fruit Fly and Gnat Traps Are on Sale for Just 10 Cents Apiece Right Now

The best-sellers come in a pack of 36 and have over 5,100 five-star ratings.

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Mosqueda Fruit Fly, Fungus, Gnat Traps

There are few things that can erase the joys of growing your own plants, flowers, and herbs quicker than fruit flies and gnats that feel like they're taking over. But thankfully there are quick fixes that can keep the bugs at bay and let you continue to enjoy your gardening bounty. Amazon shoppers say these sticky traps are fast acting, and you can snag a pack of 36 for just $4 while they're on sale.

The Mosqueda fruit fly and gnat traps have more than 5,100 five-star ratings and hundreds of positive reviews. Plus, the traps are one of the top five best-selling products in Amazon's Pest Control Traps category. The bright yellow design helps to attract pests to it, and the butterfly and tree shapes are pleasing to the eye. Most importantly, shoppers love that the traps are easy to use: You simply peel away the protective tape to reveal the glue the bugs will stick to, and pop the trap into your plant's soil.

Mosqueda Fruit Fly, Fungus, Gnat Traps

To buy: $4 (was $8);

"We had a HUGE problem with small gnats (I thought they were fruit flies!) everywhere in our house," shared a reviewer who learned the bugs were from their houseplants. After trying the traps, they wrote, "They work wonders!" Another reviewer who called the traps "a great buy" said, "The adhesive is strong—once they land, those little suckers aren't going anywhere."

Other than the fact that the traps work, according to shoppers, another highlight is that you can use them inside and outside thanks to their waterproof and UV-resistant design. Plus, the brand notes that the glue used on the traps is odorless and not harmful to pets or people (though the brand advises that you should still wash your hands with soap if you touch the glue).

"I honestly didn't think my plants had as [many] insects as they did, and I was pretty shocked [by] how much these traps were able to trap," a shopper said.

While the Mosqueda traps are on sale for just $0.10 per trap, make gnats and fruit flies a thing of the past around your plants, throughout your home, and even on your patio. This is $4 well-spent on your garden.

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