This Is the Top-Selling Garden Hose Nozzle on Amazon—and It's on Sale for Just $18

“The best nozzle I’ve ever used!”

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INNAV8 Water Hose Nozzle Sprayer

No matter if you're tending to a few flower pots or a sizable vegetable plot, a hose is a gardening necessity. There are plenty of great garden hose options on the market, but not every model comes with a nozzle. Because adjusting the waterflow your hose releases is essential, Amazon shoppers say this multi-use nozzle can help you to level up your watering game—and it's on sale for almost 30 percent off right now.

If you're shopping for a hose nozzle, chances are you want to purchase the best on the market—and the Innav8 hose nozzle is the top-selling option in Amazon's Garden Hose Nozzle category. The watering attachment's standout feature is that you can choose from 10 different patterns, such as fan, mist, soaker, and jet. And changing from one pattern to another is easy: Simply twist from one option to the next and listen as the nozzle clicks into place.

INNAV8 Water Hose Nozzle Sprayer

To buy: $18 (was $25);

"I absolutely LOVE this spray nozzle," wrote a shopper who titled their five-star review "The best nozzle I've ever used!" They added that the nozzle is "so easy to use," and that they also like the different watering options—especially the "concentrated shower spray."

"In recent years I have bought several different styles of hose nozzles, all of which disappointed me—until this one, which I love," wrote another reviewer who also highlighted the different watering patterns the nozzle offers. "I've been using this nozzle several times a week for several months now, and it still works perfectly."

To add to the hose nozzle's easy-to-use features, the brand also notes that the gadget only requires that you flip the switch with your thumb to turn on the waterflow. As long as the switch remains in the "on" position, you don't have to strain your fingers to prevent the nozzle from turning off. Plus, it has a nonslip grip to prevent you from dropping the nozzle, even if your hands get wet while watering and tending to your garden. The grip also helps to ensure the nozzle doesn't become too hot to hold if it's stored in the sun. And it even has leak protection, thanks to a tightly sealed connection that locks into place when the nozzle is connected to a hose.

"I can water things that are 20 feet away with just the right pressure and without damaging the plants," added a shopper who purchased a nozzle for "every hose around [their] house." They concluded, "If you want a great nozzle, buy this."

Tend to your garden without worrying about leaks, slippery grips, and watering patterns that are too strong or weak for your plants, herbs, vegetables, and fruit when you add an Innav8 nozzle to your hose set up. Just be sure to scoop one up while it's on sale for only $18.

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