West Elm Is Selling Live, Trendy Plants Now—Including the Fiddle Leaf Fig

Get plants and throw pillows in a single online shopping trip.

If you're a plant parent, you likely think about adding to your plant collection often. If one plant is great, two is even better, right? You'll know you've gone full plant parent when you have a whole assortment of plants in your home—outdoor plants, succulents, and high-maintenance plants—and you're still looking for more.

When that itch for a fresh plant gets too strong to resist—or if you're venturing into caring for a plant for the first time—it's time to figure out where to get your new greenery. If you're fine with any type and a spider plant is just as good as a fiddle leaf fig, you can pick up a new piece of green from the nursery or local shop. If you have a very specific plant in mind, you probably won't be able to find it just anywhere.

There are plenty of options for buying plants online, but there's also a new choice: West Elm. Through a partnership with Bloomscape, a direct-to-consumer online plant shop, West Elm is offering five types of plants—fiddle leaf figs, philodendron heartleaf, ribbon plants, monsteras, and ponytail palms—in three different pot colors. (All pots are made of recycled plastic.)

Shipping is free, and prices start at $35 for the smaller philodendron heartleafs and ribbon plants and go to $195 for a fiddle leaf fig. Each plant arrives fully planted, so all you have to do is remove the packaging and put it in its new spot.

This collab makes creating a new look—and incorporating a potted plant into your space—easier than ever. Instead of clicking between sites, you can get your furniture and accessories (including a few live ones) with one transaction. Once you've added the elements for your dream space to your cart, just sit back and wait for the delivery. And while you wait, you can learn (or brush up on) how to water plants.

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