I Have Over 30 Houseplants—Here's What I'm Buying From The Sill's Cyber Week Sale

Who could resist saving up to 50 percent off?

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The Sill Black Friday Sale
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If you're a plant parent, you know how hard it can be to pass up a new plant baby that's begging you to add it to your collection. I have over 30 houseplants, so it's safe to say I don't need any more. My windowsills and bookshelves are packed with monsteras, philodendrons, hoya plants, and jars of small cuttings waiting to sprout roots. But The Sill just kicked off its Cyber Week sale, and the savings are too good to pass up. I'll be adding at least six more plants to my shelves and stocking up on gifts for my plant-loving friends this weekend.

Right now, you can save 50 percent on holiday plant bundles that include the popular Norfolk Island pine, and you can get an Easy Care or Beginner Bundle for 25 percent off.

Even if you're not looking to add any more responsibility to your routine, The Sill has options for you. Its low-maintenance products include a real-looking faux plant for $32 and a whimsical dried floral arrangement for 50 percent off.

Plants and dried florals make fantastic gifts, whether you're looking for yourself or fellow plant parents. And with savings this good, it's time to grow your collection. Here's what I'm shopping from The Sill's Cyber Week sale.

  • Holiday Duo Deluxe, $47 (was $93)
    Snag a Norfolk Island pine and an evergreen wreath at half the price, and consider your holiday decorating done.
  • Beginner Duo Deluxe, $85 (was $112)
    A monstera and a philodendron—has there ever been a better duo? Save 25 percent on these popular houseplants when you purchase this bundle for yourself or a fellow plant lover.
  • Ficus Audrey, $40 (was $57)
    Known as the fiddle leaf fig's more easy-going cousin, this adorable ficus Audrey is begging to join your plant collection. And its planter comes in five trending colors.
  • Pet-Friendly Duo Deluxe, $58 (was $76)
    This pet-friendly plant bundle includes a non-toxic pilea peperomioides and a small parlor palm, so you don't have to worry about Fido and Mr. Whiskers roaming amongst your plants.
  • The Neutral Palm Bouquet, $60 (was $120)
    Save 50 percent on this dried bouquet of flowers that's bursting with spear palm, sago palm, willow stems, and more neutral floral goodness.
  • Wildflower Seed Paper Cannon, $8 (was $15)
    Buying wildflower seeds in bulk is an easy way to spread the love, and your plant-loving friend will enjoy the blooms this cannon yields in the months to come.

Holiday Duo Deluxe

The Sill Black Friday Sale

Are you a city dweller with no room for a traditional Christmas tree, but you love the smell of holiday greenery? Then this duo is for you. Save 50 percent on the holiday bundle that includes a Norfolk Island pine and an evergreen wreath that are sure to bring you good cheer. You can also save 30 percent on the Norfolk Island pine and holiday cactus bundlethat comes in a colorful planter, or opt for just the Norfolk Island pine in a limited-edition planter for $39.

Beginner Duo Deluxe

The Sill Black Friday Sale

If you're a seasoned plant parent like me, you likely own a monstera deliciosa and a philodendron already. I can never get enough of these gorgeous, easy-to-care-for plants, so I'll be adding some more to my collection this weekend. If you're not shopping for yourself, this is an excellent plant bundle to gift friends with any shade of a green thumb. Planning to share with an absolute beginner or don't want the plant volume that comes with a monstera? Opt for the simpler Beginner Duo that comes with a snake plant and a zz plant in mint green planters for $60.

Ficus Audrey

The Sill Black Friday Sale

I've been looking for an excuse to buy a ficus Audrey plant, and while The Sill is selling one for $17 off this weekend, I finally have it. As with most plant offerings from The Sill, you can choose your planter style and color, so why not buy a few of these: one in cream, one in blush, and one in the terracotta planter. After all, plants do prefer to be together.

Pet-Friendly Duo Deluxe

The Sill Black Friday Sale

If you have plants and pets, you're likely familiar with the ASPCA's list of toxic and non-toxic plants, but The Sill makes keeping your home safe even easier. They've bundled two different pet-friendly plant options. This one has a low-maintenance pilea peperomioides and a parlor palm, while the Pet-friendly Duo Deluxe comes with a bird's nest fern and larger parlor palm. Either way, your plants and your pets will be safe.

The Neutral Palm Bouquet

The Sill Black Friday Sale

A dried bouquet of flowers is the gift that keeps on giving. I love grabbing a pre-arranged bouquet to pop in a stylish vase. Or if I'm feeling adventurous, I'll put a few stems in smaller vases dispersed throughout the house. If you're used to playing with dried florals, you know how expensive they can be, so at 50 percent off, this neutral bouquet is too good to pass up.

Wildflower Seed Paper Cannon

The Sill Black Friday Sale

Buying wildflower seeds in bulk is an easy way to spread the love. Surprise yourself or a loved one with an explosion of black-eyed susans, cockscomb, and sesame flowers from one of these colorful cannons. This is a fun gift for anyone with unused yard space or a great stocking stuffer for your garden-loving friend. If conditions are right, expect blooms in less than three months.

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