Hilton Carter Plant Collection at Target, Carter repotting a plant
Credit: Target

Target Just Launched a New Plant Collection With Hilton Carter—Here Are 5 Favorites Under $30

Here's everything you need for lush houseplants.
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We've been scrolling through plant pro Hilton Carter's flora-filled Instagram account for years, so when we heard that he was teaming up with Target to create a line of plant products, we reached for our wallets. Luckily, with most of the items reasonably priced at less than $30, you can stock up on ceramic pots, watering cans, and plant misters for less than the price of a fiddle leaf fig tree. In addition to a propagation station, a terrarium, and wall-mounted planters, the collection offers more than 20 varieties of faux plants, from ponytail palms to philodendrons, so even those of us who don't have Carter's level of plant prowess can fill our homes with greenery. Here are five of our affordable favorites from the new collection.

Golden Target Terrarium

A Display-Worthy Terrarium

$30, target.com

The ideal home for small, humidity-loving plants, this gold terrarium will spark conversation when set out on a side table, shelf, or countertop. Kids and adults alike will love watching plants grow inside this mini tabletop greenhouse. 

Hilton Carter Target String of Hearts faux plant
Credit: Target

Everlasting String of Hearts Plant

$25, target.com

Hanging plants make a room look lush, but watering them (especially if you have to pull out a ladder) can be a challenge. An easy solution: order faux plants that look remarkably similar to the real deal. 

Target Wall-Mounted Stoneware Planter in White
Credit: Target

Wall-Mounted Planter

$10, target.com

Let your houseplants double as wall decor with this modern stoneware planter. Fill it with tiny succulents, and let a string of pearls plant spill over the edge for added interest. 

Amber Glass Plant Mister
Credit: Target

Amber Glass Plant Mister

$20, target.com

If your plant collection includes any tropical varieties, it's time to invest in a plant mister. A daily spritz of water will help keep orchids, philodendrons, and palms happy and hydrated. 

White Ceramic Target Watering Can
Credit: Target

Stylish Watering Can

$25, target.com

Skip the ugly plastic watering can you'll want to hide in the back of a cabinet. This chic ceramic one deserves a spot on your windowsill or open shelving.