Add some greenery to your home with these unique options.

By Sarah Yang
Updated November 09, 2017
Dracaena Plant
Credit: Tamara Kulikova/Getty Images

One of the quickest ways to give your space an update is with some greenery. It’s never been easier to bring the outdoors in with the wide selection of houseplants available now. Sure, you might gravitate towards succulents and fiddle leaf fig trees since they’ve been popular for a while now, but why not try something new and get ahead of the trend?

We asked Christopher Satch, in-house plant expert at The Sill, to share some new suggestions based on long-standing favorites. Satch chose new plants that are similar in appearance or care, like swapping out succulents for equally-low maintenance cacti, or fiddle leaf figs for the similarly lush and tall bird of paradise. These plants range from big floor plants, to smaller, compact tabletop varieties that are perfect when you’re lacking square footage.

These new suggestions won’t completely change the style of your decor, so you don’t have to worry about a plant sticking out or ruining your specific design aesthetic. They’re unique enough that we guarantee any houseguests will be impressed and ask, “Where did you get that plant from?”

Take a look at Satch’s plant swap suggestions below, plus care tips so they can thrive and grow.

start with avocado

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