It doubles as a statement piece.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated July 09, 2019
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In the world of houseplants, the towering fiddle leaf fig tree has reigned supreme for several years now. But as some plant parents have grown weary of the plant's notoriously fickle nature, we've all wondered what new, trendy houseplant could stand up to the drama of the fiddle leaf fig. One of the mostly likely contenders, which has been popping up in designer-decorated homes and Instagram feeds, is the philodendron. Combining large, statement-making leaves with a more easy-going attitude than the needy fiddle leaf fig, the philodendron may be poised for a takeover. And because philodendrons come in many different varieties all with distinctive leaves, you can introduce a mix of shapes and colors. From split leaf to pink princess, here are some of the most popular philodendron varieties we'll soon be seeing everywhere.



When you think of a philodendron, you most likely remember the classic heart leaf variety that grows long vines and is commonly seen tumbling out of a hanging basket. But there are many other varieties with flashy leaves and sculptural shapes. Case in point: the spectacular hope selloum philodendron. With large, serrated leaves that give any room a tropical vibe, this plant is a standout. A plant this eye-catching basically doubles as art. 

Even better: for a plant that looks complicated, it's surprisingly easy to care for. In fact, Bloomscape labels this plant "perfect for beginners." It's low-maintenance, but prefers bright, indirect sunlight and should be watered when the soil feels dry to the touch. 

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Another popular variety, the split leaf philodendron (better known as monstera deliciosa), is famous for its oversized leaves with holes, which have earned it the nickname "Swiss Cheese Plant." Showing up on Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards, the shapely leaves are starting to attract a lot of attention. 

According to Costa Farms, monstera plants prefer damp (not soggy) soil and are happiest in bright light. Set this stunner close to a window and watch it thrive. 

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Besides interesting shapes, philodendrons also come in striking colors, including the pretty blush tones of the pink princess philodendron. The variegated leaves range from pale pink spots to deep burgundy hues. For those who are fans of the millennial pink trend, this plant is a must-have. 

Place this plant in bright, indirect light. Because it's a vining variety, it's a good idea to provide it with a trellis or stake. It thrives best in moist, well-drained soil. 

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