But are going to want to bring home.

When picking out a new houseplant to bring into your home, it can be tempting to stick with a safe succulent or an easy-to-care-for spider plant, but there are plenty of interesting (or even outright strange) houseplants that don’t require a ton of maintenance. If this is your first foray into uncommon plant life, these unfussy varieties are ideal starter plants. The carnivorous pitcher plant and sculptural staghorn fern naturally draw attention, but they don’t require much care. The key is to choose a plant that matches your home’s environment and your lifestyle so that caring for the plant fits in seamlessly with how you live. For example, if you’re hardly ever home, a plant that requires daily watering likely isn’t the best match. And if your home is notoriously chilly, that tropical plant that thrives in a warm, humid environment probably isn’t the right fit. With these intriguing and low-maintenance plants available to order online, there’s no reason to settle for a boring begonia.

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