This $16 Grow Light Helps Plants 'Thrive' Even in Basements and Windowless Workspaces

And it’s on sale just in time for spring.

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Grow Light, Lordem Full Spectrum LED Plant Light for Indoor Plants

Spring is knocking on the door, and it's time to answer. Warmer, sunnier months are ahead, and now's the perfect time to prepare and decorate your space to reflect the season by adding indoor plants. If you're already a plant parent—or you're thinking of picking up more greenery for spring—and you want to keep your plants happy and healthy, you should definitely check out Amazon shoppers' hack to encourage plant growth.

The key is Lordem's Full Spectrum LED Indoor Plant Light, which is currently Amazon's top-selling newly released product in the retailer's Plant Grow Lamps category. One shopper said it finally gave their plants "the stimulus [they] needed to grow," while another wrote that it works "wonders" to make their plants bloom and thrive. Plus, the lights, which come in either a single or double pack, are on sale right now for as little as $16.

Grow Light, Lordem Full Spectrum LED Plant Light for Indoor Plants

To buy: $16 with coupon (was $20);

The full-spectrum LED light encourages indoor plant growth by mimicking natural sunlight. Although some plant growing lights might require extra space on your countertop or windowsill, Lordem's is considerably more space-saving because it can be staked into your potted plant's soil. The halo-shaped light can be tilted to fit the angle at which your plant is growing, and its height can be adjusted as your plant grows taller, too.

There are four levels of brightness you can choose from, so the grow light can act as a supplementary light even on sunny days. Shoppers also love that it has a timer and that it's a great size for desk plants. "I wanted a real live plant but have zero windows in my work area," wrote the reviewer. "This little light has been fantastic."

Another shopper said they wish they'd found these lights sooner, adding that their brightness is "excellent" and that they produce "more light than a Northern window." One last reviewer said the lights "saved" their plants, writing, "these lights help my plants thrive"—even in the basement.

To have your plants looking better than ever for spring, pick up Lordem's plant growing lights while they're on sale now. Shop them at Amazon starting at $16.

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