No green thumb required.

By Cat Dash
Updated April 01, 2019
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Your houseplants may be the stars of the show, but why not splurge on stylish pruning shears, hanging planters, and watering cans that are just as pretty as your fiddle leaf fig tree, ficus, and spider plants. Ready to step up your houseplant game? Invest in a chic watering carafe or opt for a plant stand that elevates the look of your ponytail palm. Don't hide these indoor gardening tools and accessories in a cabinet—all of these plant picks deserve to be left out on display. And if you thought your houseplants were Instagram-worthy before, just imagine how much better (and better-cared-for) they'll look when potted in a colorful hanging planter or set beside a brass plant mister. Whether you're just starting a windowsill herb garden or have turned your entire home into an indoor jungle, these 9 picks will help your houseplants flourish.


Free up counter space and add texture to your wall with this copper planter rack—clay pots included.

To buy: $85;

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This metallic accessory releases just a spritz of water, so you’ll never drown your houseplants again.

To buy: $30;


Macramé gets a modern makeover with these colorful planters.

To buy: From $62;


Keep these clippers on hand for pruning, which promotes plant health and encourages new growth.

To buy: $14;


This German-made brush loosens built-up dirt at the bottom of your planters.

To buy: $19;


These geometric brass sticks are designed to help your green friends stand up straight.

To buy: $32 for 3;


A matte white glaze and striking silhouette give a classic watering can an artistic upgrade.

To buy: $15;


Grow these edible flowers and use them as garnishes for salads and cocktails.

To buy: $38;


Give your plants a boost with this architectural brass stand.

To buy: $39;