Lengthen the life of your blooms using everyday household items.

By Brandi Broxson
Updated June 19, 2017
Sarah Yang
Sarah Yang

Mesh Produce Bag as Flower Arranger

To keep flimsy blooms perky and upright, cut out a section of a mesh bag and stretch it over the mouth of a mason jar. Hold it in place by screwing on a canning jar band (from a jar with a two-part lid). Trim away any excess material. Poke stems through the mesh openings.

Lemon Lime Soda as Makeshift Flower Food

No food packet with your bouquet? Roses thrive in a vase filled with equal parts water and lemon-lime soda—the sugar, citric acid, and preservatives do the trick.

Straw as Stem Extender

Lengthen the stems of roses and ranunculus to fit a vase with a drinking straw. Place the bottom of each stem inside a straw, then arrange the flowers as you normally would.