10 Colorful, Mood-Boosting Houseplants to Brighten Your Space

These cheerful indoor plants will perk up any room.

Alocasia Silver Dragon indoor plant
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Colorful indoor plants will not only brighten up any dreary space, but they may also improve your mood. It's well known that color can affect our moods, and a 2015 study indicates that houseplants may reduce psychological and physiological stress. If you are looking for a way to add a pop of color to your home and lift your mood at the same time, consider adding one of these colorful, mood-boosting houseplants to your home.

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Dark purple leaf plant in white pot
Costa Farms

Although geo is a dark foliage plant, its purple-black color makes it a standout for bright white or boldly colorful spaces. Justin Hancock, a horticulturist at Costa Farms, says that geo does prefer average to above-average humidity. "It's a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, terrariums, or other places there's a bit more moisture in the air."

  • Light: Medium to high
  • Water: Medium, but high humidity
  • Color: Dark purple
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Baltic Blue Pothos

Baltic Blue Pothos Plant in white pot on wooden table
Costa Farms

Pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to grow, and Baltic blue is absolutely a showstopper for bright spots. Featuring elongated bluish-green leaves and a trailing growth habit, Baltic blue is a lovely addition to a room with bright, indirect light. "It's especially effective in a living room, den, or other space where you can let it grow vertically, so the leaves become bigger and even more fenestrated with time," says Hancock.

  • Light: Medium to high
  • Water: Medium, but allow to dry in between waterings
  • Color: Blue-green
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Silver Dragon Alocasia

green and silvery leaves on alocasia silver dragon indoor house plant
Costa Farms

Featuring thick green leaves with a silver overlay, silver dragon alocasia makes an elegant addition to your house plant collection. Hancock says it makes an excellent partner for geo due to similar growing needs, and they look great together.

  • Light: Medium to high
  • Water: Medium, but high humidity
  • Color: Silvery green
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Global Green Pothos

Global Greens Pothos Plant in windowsill with trailing leaves
Costa Farms

This brightly colored pothos is a new variety that features lovely green-on-green variegation. "We've found it's just as tolerant to a range of light and humidity conditions as good old-fashioned golden pothos—just with a fresh new look," says Hancock.

  • Light: Tolerates low light, but grows best in medium and high light
  • Water: Medium, but allow to dry in between waterings
  • Color: Variegated green on green
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Schumi Red Peperomia

Peperomi Schumi Red House Plant

This plant beauty offers metallic red-purple leaves with an interesting corrugated texture. It will provide a burst of color in a bright corner of your home. "It's a small houseplant, which makes it a perfect workmate on your desk," says Hancock.

  • Light: Medium to high
  • Water: Medium
  • Color: Reddish purple
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Stromanthe Plant

leafy pink and green house plant

Stromanthe will convert you to a pink person. This pastel, variegated beauty features a pretty combination of pinks, creams, and greens. "We're suckers for plants in motion," says Sadie Oldham, the brand director at Greendigs. "As daylight fades, Stromanthe leaves raise toward the skies, showing off not just their mobility, but the striking color under their leaves."

  • Light: Medium to high
  • Water: Medium, but high humidity
  • Color: Variegated green with pink, cream, and purple
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Moonlight Philodendron

Plant with bright green leaves

Moonlight philodendron features frilly, deeply cut leaves in brilliant green. Like other philodendrons, it's easy to grow virtually anywhere. "Any plant that gives this much greenery without demanding much in return is worth having in your home," says Oldham.

  • Light: Tolerates low light but will thrive in medium to high light
  • Water: Medium, but allow to dry in between waterings
  • Color: Lime green
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Dragon Tree

Colorful Indoor Plants, Dragon Tree

The dragon tree is slow-growing and maintenance-free—perfect for a beginner. It features long green and pink spiky leaves with pops of pink on its edges. "Its versatility means that the dragon tree is great as the center of attention, but it also slips neatly into a quiet corner," says Oldham.

  • Light: Medium
  • Water: Medium
  • Color: Green and pink
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Red-pink anthurium blooms on glossy green leaf plant

Anthurium features long-lasting, bold red blooms contrasted by large, glossy leaves. "Every home has a spot that needs a plant with diva status, and this is where your anthurium goes," says Oldham. This plant does need attention, but will reward you with its eye-catching flowers.

  • Light: Bright, indirect light
  • Water: Medium, but high humidity
  • Color: Green leaves with bold red blooms
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Echeveria 'Pink Frills'

frilly green and muted pink plant in dark blue pot

Echeveria 'Pink Frills' features plump, rose-shaped compact leaves. It's almost hard to believe it is a succulent. "It's no surprise that it's popular with interior decorators, florists, and wedding planners alike," says Oldham. Like other echeveria, 'Pink Frills' will reward you with delicate blooms in the spring if you give it what it needs.

  • Light: Bright, high light
  • Water: Low, allow soil to dry out completely between waterings
  • Color: Green and dusty rose
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