This Handy Tool Makes Indoor Plants 'Healthier Than Ever and Significantly Happier,' According to Reviewers

And it’s only $15 for a pack of two.

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The Blooming Jungle Moss Pole 2 Coco Coir Poles Extending

Many plant lovers might dream of turning their indoor living space into a green Eden full of lush leaves and mood-boosting plants commonly seen on Instagram, and aspiring green thumbs will need the best tools and gadgets to help encourage their new potted plants to grow big and tall. If you're envisioning a well-designed space with complementary greenery living side-by-side, it's important to have them grow to the right height and in the right direction.

That's where a moss pole can come in handy. These plant support sticks help potted plants concentrate their growth upward instead of sprawling all over the place, and Amazon shoppers have crowned The Blooming Jungle's artificial moss pole as their go-to choice. It's currently the top-seller in Amazon's ″Plant Cages & Supports″ category, with 3,200 five-star ratings from happy plant owners.

The Blooming Jungle Moss Pole 2 Coco Coir Poles Extending

To buy: $15;

The Blooming Jungle's plant pole is made with coir, natural fibers made from coconut husk, so plants can easily cling onto and grow vertically along the stick. It acts great as support for climbing plants and vines that are growing in containers, as well as large indoor plants such as the popular Monstera that can become statement pieces for any room.

Each pack comes with two pieces of string to tie your plants to the two 17-inch moss sticks, but you can even stack one pole on top of the other to create a super long support stick for large plants. Shoppers say they're super sturdy and durable, with one writing, "I added the moss stake to my Monstera before it really needs it, but I know it will need to be staked eventually. It's sturdy, [and I] was able to add to [the] soil on [the] rooted plant without killing the plant."

Plant parents actually wrote that their plants are "much happier with this support pole," and another shopper even said they're "pleasantly shocked" by how effective The Blooming Jungle's sticks are. "I didn't think the plant would take to the stake but it certainly did," they explained. "My pothos looks healthier than ever and significantly happier now that it has a place to climb."

At just $15, it might just be the best trick to encouraging upward growth from your potted plants. Shop them now at Amazon here to help your plants become the tall and eye-catching features you've always wanted.

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