The Sill's Monthly Plant Club Is an Easy Gift for Anyone on Your List—Get Up to 40% Off for a Limited Time

Plus, 12 low-maintenance plants your loved ones will continue to enjoy after the holidays are over.

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The Sill plants

The holidays are approaching rapidly, and if you're anything like me, you're probably still scrambling to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Instead of scouring picked-over sales racks or settling for a gift card, give your loved ones live greenery from The Sill that's sure to brighten their day.

With the onset of colder weather and fewer daylight hours, a live houseplant can be a warm, thoughtful present that'll liven up any room it's in. The Sill's online plant store sells live greenery, plant accessories, faux plants, and botanical-themed gifts you can shop from the comfort of your own home, making holiday gifting easier than ever. Plus, The Sill has a ton of its most popular plants on sale right now, including this adorable three-plant bundle for 40 percent off.

Whether you're shopping for close friends and family or you need an appreciation gift for a co-worker or teacher, there are a ton of options at a wide range of price points. Shop hundreds of different plant varieties, including pet-friendly plants, low-light plants, and hard-to-kill plants that require minimal maintenance. You can even give someone a subscription to The Sill's plant club, which sends new greenery every month for a gift that keeps on giving even after the holidays are over.

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The Sill Subscription: Monthly Plant Club With Easy-Care Greenery and Adorable Accessories

Great for brand-new plant parents and long-time indoor gardeners alike, The Sill's monthly plant club curates a new houseplant to add to your collection every month. With two subscriptions to choose from—one for classic plants and the other for pet-friendly plants—The Sill's team selects a new locally grown variety every month to ship to your doorstep. Your order also arrives in a chic ceramic planter, so you can immediately get to work decorating your home with your new greenery.

The monthly plant club includes popular, hard-to-kill plant varieties such as pothos, which can thrive even in low-light areas, and snake plants, which have wide sword-like leaves that only need watering every few weeks. Your subscription will also include some specialty plants that are only available to subscribers, so you can fill your home with unique, low-maintenance varieties.

Sign Up Now: From $50/month;

If you want to buy an individual plant before signing up for a subscription, you can browse The Sill's plant collections for easy-care options, which require minimal watering and are great for beginners, and realistic-looking faux plants to add to low-light rooms. As someone who struggles to keep my cat from chewing on all my houseplants, I'm a big fan of the pet-friendly collection, which includes a variety of botanicals that are non-toxic to pets.

Though the company initially started as an online plant shop, its offerings have expanded to include botanical-inspired gifts such as candles, journals, stationery, and more. Plus, The Sill has products at a variety of price points to fit your budget, so you can find the right gift for anyone on your list.

Keep reading to shop our favorite gifts for plant lovers from The Sill this holiday season.

The Sill's Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Monstera Deliciosa

The Sill plants

Often referred to as the "swiss cheese plant," this popular tropical plant is easily recognizable thanks to its naturally occurring leaf holes that some compare to swiss cheese. Monstera plants thrive in bright-to-medium indirect sunlight, making them a great option for locations with some natural light but limited direct sunbeams. These easygoing plants typically need watering between one to two weeks or whenever the soil has almost completely dried. You can also spritz its leaves with water occasionally as this plant loves high-humidity environments.

ZZ Plant

The Sill plants

A great first plant for anyone looking to grow their collection, the ZZ plant has drought-resistant rhizomes (roots) beneath the soil that hold water to keep it hydrated for long periods of time. Because of this, ZZ plants only need to be watered every few weeks, making them super easy to care for. On The Sill's website, you can choose to order this plant in a 5-inch or 7-inch planter, which comes in a rainbow of colors. Keep your ZZ plant in medium-to-low indirect sunlight for the best results.

Wild Fields Bouquet

The Sill plants

Instead of giving a loved one an expensive bouquet that will wither after a few days, this stunning dried bouquet lasts forever. Dried foliage has become a floral home decor trend in recent years, and this collection of willow stems, dried grasses, and bleach chilis creates a truly wistful arrangement. Plus, its neutral, earthy colors make it versatile for any home's color scheme.

Mini Preserved Living Wall

The Sill plants

This "living" work of art is made up of dried moss and ferns preserved inside a natural wood frame. Great for anyone who loves greenery but lacks a green thumb, the living wall is a zero-maintenance indoor plant that won't wither over time. The Sill recommends keeping it out of direct sunlight to better protect the dried moss and ferns.

Brass Mister

The Sill plants

This chic brass mister doubles as both a functional plant care tool and a pretty decor piece. As any plant enthusiast on your list knows, many plants thrive in high-humidity conditions, and gently spritzing them with water can help keep them happy and fresh. The 10-ounce brass sprayer makes it easy to keep jungle plants and growing sprouts hydrated, so it's a gift that will likely please any expert plant parent in your life.

Petite Orange Orchid

The Sill plants

Sometimes called the "beginner orchid," this stunning orange flowering plant is one of the easiest orchid varieties to care for. The orchid arrives in a 4-inch grow pot within a ceramic planter (customers can choose from several colors), and it typically blooms once a year for approximately three months. After this time, the flowers will wilt and fall off, but don't panic—those blooms will return the following year for another bright, showy display.

Green Heart Greeting Cards

The Sill plants

Stay in touch with the people you love most through these botanical-themed greeting cards. Designed by Open Sea Design Co., the simple card is left blank inside so there's plenty of space to write a heartfelt note to someone special. The green heart greeting cards come in a set of six with accompanying envelopes.

Pet-Friendly Plant Parent Bundle

The Sill plants

If your giftee owns cats or dogs, this trio of non-toxic plants is a great present that won't harm pets if ingested. Choose between three or five low-maintenance houseplants that come in varying sizes—between 2.5 and 6 inches in diameter, making it easy to find the right nook for each one. While a bird's nest fern, pilea plant, and succulent are pictured on the website, your recipient may receive any of the pet-friendly plants that The Sill offers.

Bird of Paradise

The Sill plants

This stunning tropical plant instantly adds vibrance and life to any room it's in. With long leathery leaves that resemble a bird in flight, the jungle plant arrives in a 7-inch blush ceramic pot for easy styling. Bird of paradise plants tend to do well in bright indirect light or direct sunlight, so plan on placing yours near a window. The Sill recommends watering this plant every one to two weeks, allowing the soil to dry in between waterings.

String of Pearls

The Sill plants

This cascading succulent grows in long trailing vines, making it a cute addition to a desk, bookshelf, or window sill. The plant gets its name from the bulbous leaves it grows, which resemble tiny green pearls. Because it's naturally a desert plant, you'll only need to water it when the potting mix is bone dry—usually every one to two weeks. Keep your string of pearls plant in bright indirect sunlight for the best results; since it's native to the South African desert, this plant loves to catch rays. It also comes in a variety of different planter colors.

Fir & Cedar Candle

The Sill plants

Make your home smell like fresh pine needles long after the Christmas tree has been taken down with this elegant hand-poured candle. Inspired by the forests of the Pacific Northwest, it has notes of cypress, balsam, and cedar to keep your home smelling festive and fresh. Plus, each candle is ethically made in the U.S. by Prosperity Candle, a company that supports women refugees and artisans. Once the wax melts, the porcelain holder can be repurposed as a vase, planter, or even a pencil cup.

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