A little bundle of leafy joy, shipped straight to your door.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated August 30, 2019
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The best places to buy plants online - plant shopping sites
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If you’re working with outdoor plants or indoor ones (and your greens are thriving), you’re probably interested in expanding your little botanical flock—and you’re probably wondering where to buy those plants. Depending on where you live, local nurseries, garden centers, or plant shops may be in short supply, and even if there is one in the area, it may not have the precise, on-trend plants you’re looking for. (There’s nothing wrong with wanting some of the gorgeous, bold plants you see on Instagram.)

Fortunately, it’s 2020, and there’s an easy solution: Buy plants online. Shopping online isn’t just for garden tools anymore—tons of smart online plant stores are popping up to make buying plants online possible, easy, and good for the plants themselves. For everything from container gardening to nurturing a vertical garden, you can buy plants online to get the exact leafy look you want, and then have those plants shipped straight to your door. (This is especially helpful if you have large tastes in plants but no car with which to bring them home.)

Nurseries and garden centers offer excellent advice on which kinds of plants work in your climate and can help you pick starter plants you won’t kill almost immediately. If you’re planning a full outdoor garden, talking to someone local might be the best bet, so you can be sure the plants you’re picking will thrive in your yard. If you’re just looking for container garden ideas, plants that don’t need sunlight for your office, or a basic indoor house plant, though, online plant stores have you covered. Especially if you have a very particular plant in mind (let’s be honest: one you saw on Instagram or Pinterest), the best places to buy plants online can get it to you.

They’ll even offer guiding advice while you’re plant shopping to be sure you’re making a good choice for the light levels and temperature in your home (and your own plant caretaking skills). And if your plants start to suffer, some even offer hotlines with gardening advice. (Watering plants properly can also help stave off most gardening woes.) Ready to start shopping? Check out the top sites to buy plants online below.

The best places to buy plants online


This online plant store makes picking an appropriate plant easy—and pretty affordable. Bloomscape filters house plants by size, difficulty level, light level, pet-friendliness, and air-cleansing abilities, so you can find a plant that truly checks off all the boxes. Planters are available in five pretty matte colors (so you can move on from the tried-and-true terra cotta look), and the plants arrive pre-potted in innovative packaging, so you don’t have to do any planting at the beginning. Notably, Bloomscape ships plants of all sizes (yes, even that huge fiddle leaf fig) nationwide.

Cost: Prices start at $35 for small plants and go up to $195 for extra-large ones; nationwide shipping is free on all orders of more than $50.

The Sill

The Sill is one of the trendier places to buy plants online. If you’ve seen glamour shots of a new, unfamiliar plant floating around online, The Sill is probably selling it—and can ship it straight to your door. Plants arrive in a paired planter from the store’s off-kilter collection of super-chic options (check out the Dolores if you’re craving a different type of home for your sprouts), and there are even monthly subscriptions for those who want a new plant every few weeks. Take note: The Sill only ships medium and smaller plants nationwide; for a larger plant, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Cost: Mini plants start at $21, with medium ones costing around $60, depending on the planter option; shipping is free on orders of more than $100.


For home gardeners who want to get their hands a little dirty, Gardenuity delivers growing kits that allow you to grow vegetable plants, herbs, and more from seedlings (or even a seed square, if you’re so inclined). Kits include grow bags, so you can nurture your greens in small spaces, and everything else you need to garden in your terrace, balcony, or backyard. Most places to buy plants online offer mature plants, so if you want to grow something from the seed up (practically), this is a great option. Gardenuity will also suggest appropriate plants for your region, so you can be sure it’s a good match.

Cost: Mini kits are $34, and larger ones are $39; the cost of plant seedling or seed squares varies, as do shipping costs.

The Bouqs Co.

Originally a flower delivery service, The Bouqs Co. has expanded to offer house plants, too. The selection features unexpected options (i.e. not the plants all your friends already have), perfect for someone looking for something a little different. All plants ship anywhere in the continental U.S., and The Bouqs Co. highlights the farmers behind each plant, so you know where your new greenery is coming from.

Cost: Potted plants start at $58; delivery is $12 or free for weekday orders of more than $100.


With the new addition of The Plant Shop, 1-800-Flowers (who you likely already trust for last-minute flower deliveries) joins the list of places to buy plants online. All plants arrive in a gift box, which is a nice touch if you’re gifting live plants, and sizes range from small to large plants. The planters are pretty neutral, too, all the better for gifting.

Cost: Prices range from $40 to $200, depending on size and type of plant. Shipping varies by location.


It really does sell everything. The Amazon Plants Store sells succulents, shrubs, and more, with the same variety, customization options, shipping, and other features that you’ve come to know and love. You can shop by type of plant, size, brand, and more to find your perfect plant, though you won’t get the same gardening expertise you’d get from a site that specifically sells plants. If you know exactly what plant you want, that might be okay; if you’re not sure, consult an expert before ordering.

Cost: Prices are all over the place (as we’d expect from such a large online marketplace). Shopping with a budget will be easy, just be sure to read reviews if the price seems too good to be true to be sure you’re getting a high-quality plant.


You may already turn to Etsy for unique, creative planters, but you can buy actual plants there, as well. Search for the type of plant you want (if you know), or click through various shops to see what sorts of greens they offer. If you’re trying to shop small, buying plants online through Etsy will let you support smaller nurseries or farmers.

Cost: Varies by seller and plant.

Urban Stems

Initially a flower delivery service, Urban Stems also now offers potted plant delivery nationwide (and many have free shipping if you’re not in a rush). Some planters are totally out there (think dinosaurs), perfect if you’re trying to make a statement with your plant collection, and the plant selection includes tried-and-true favorites plus a few surprises. Most plants are mid-sized or small.

Cost: Prices start at $50.

The Home Depot

You can head to your local Home Depot to pick up a new plant—or you can buy plants online through the site and save yourself a trip. The selection is pretty large, so you’re almost certain to find the plant you’re looking for (especially if you’re looking for a more traditional houseplant), but most plants come in standard temporary planters, so you’ll likely want to repot it once it arrives. If you have a planter you’d like to reuse and are confident in your gardening prowess, go for it; if not, you may want to look at pre-potted options.

Cost: Varies by plant.