7 Trendy Indoor Plants to Bring Home ASAP

If you're searching the market for some new greenery, consider these on-trend indoor plants.

Photo: bloomscape.com/greenerynyc.com

Picking indoor plants is a highly personal, objective decision. As with anything, you want only the best indoor plants, but factors such as maintenance levels, safety for pets, and light requirements determine whether a plant—regardless of how great or Insta-famous it is—is right for you. Some will want to stick to classic plants, or plants that can help clean and filter indoor air; others will want to keep up with the Next Big Thing(s) of the plant world. For the latter group, this year’s best trending indoor plants have atypical looks—and even some unexpected culinary benefits.


Indoor plants make for pretty, living décor options that grow and change, but they can also serve so many other purposes—and the latest batch of trending plants take functional to a whole new level. Some are just interesting to look at, with playful silhouettes and unexpected shapes, but others can offer a little help in the kitchen or help improve the smell of a room.

Buying a new plant doesn’t mean the old ones have to go. Indoor plants can thrive together or separately, and too many plants isn’t a bad thing, as long as there’s plenty of space and light to go around. Adding a new plant, large or small, to the mix can help shake up the look of the room, especially when it’s paired with a pretty plant stand or other accessory. And no feeling is quite like that of getting ahold of a new plant before it shows up all over Instagram and Pinterest.

Get ahead of the indoor plant curve with one of these expert-approved picks, which are sure to be sprouting and blooming all over the place by the end of the year. Order one of these trending best indoor plants online or seek them out at your local garden center; wherever you get it, once you bring that plant home, you’ll feel like it was exactly what your plant-scape was missing.

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Ponytail Palm

Best Indoor Plants 2019 - Ponytail Palm

Justin Mast, the founder of Bloomscape, says this is one of the plant site’s top sellers. Understandably so—the plant’s floppy, haphazard appearance is endearing, and Mast says it’s surprisingly easy to care for.

Where to get it: Bloomscape

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Best Indoor Plants 2019 - Mint

In-home herb gardens are nothing new, exactly, but they are having a bit of a renaissance, thanks to sites such as Gardenuity that are making container gardening, indoors and out, sleeker, more accessible, and easier. Grow a little mint as garnish for teas, cocktails, and more, and be prepared to brag (just a little bit) about your green thumb.

Where to get it: Gardenuity

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Lavandula Blue Spear (English lavender)

Best Indoor Plants 2019 - Lavandula Blue Spear (English lavender)
Courtesy of PanAmerican Seed

Combine your love of plants and your desire for self-care by adding a lavender plant to your home. You can enjoy the soothing fragrance and get some natural colors beyond green, all in one nicely potted indoor plant.

Where to get it: Your local garden center

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Hedgehog Aloe

Best Indoor Plants 2019 - Hedgehog Aloe

Introduce a little texture to your home’s indoor plant assortment with this spiny little succulent, which is very easy to care for, truly adorable, and an air purifier. It’s not pet-friendly, though, so it’s best left to the exclusively plant parents.

Where to get it: Bloomscape

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Ficus Audrey (Ficus benghalensis)

Best Indoor Plants 2019 - Ficus Audrey (Ficus benghalensis)

Ficus Audrey is the easier-to-care for alternative to the fiddle leaf fig tree, sure, but it’s also a leafy, impressive addition to any home. Pick up a full-fledged tree at a garden center near you, or order a smaller-scale version to have it shipped home; with any look, you’ll be able to nurture it into a tree in no time.

Where to get it: Greenery NYC

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Red Prayer Plant

Best Indoor Plants 2019 - Red Prayer Plant

Pick up this little two-toned plant for a colorful plant that isn’t too flowery, which makes it perfect for offices, doctor’s offices, or other serious spaces. It’s easy to grow, low-maintenance, and can even develop some trailing leaves, if desired.

Where to get it: Bloomscape

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Snack Orange Ornamental Pepper

Best Indoor Plants 2019 - Snack Orange Ornamental Pepper
Courtesy of PanAmerican Seed

Take an indoor herb garden to the next level with a small pepper plant. These colorful plants look beautiful, can grow indoors or out, and produce tasty little peppers—perfect for a quick snack or a garnish.

Where to get it: Your local garden center

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