7 Plants You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

Revamp any room or outdoor space with some new greenery. The best part? Some of these can be shipped in one or two days with an Amazon Prime membership.



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This one makes a great gift to mail out, too. The double-stemmed orchid in a ceramic pot will dress up a coffee table, mantel, or nightstand. Just water once a week and it can last for 8 to 12 weeks.

To buy: $34; amazon.com.



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These popular plants are just about everywhere these days. And even someone without a green thumb can have these around their house. Just keep them in bright light and water monthly (or whenever it starts to dry out). This collection comes with a variety of 20 succulents in two-inch pots. Personalize your own plants by potting them in colorful or interesting containers.

To buy: $40; amazon.com.



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Start that herb garden you’ve always wanted—or add to your existing one—with this rosemary plant. Once this one arrives on your doorstep, re-pot it in another container with well-drained soil. And don’t water it too much, as it’s a drought-tolerant plant.

To buy: $5; amazon.com.


Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

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Lush fiddle leaf fig trees have been the “it” houseplant for years now. Have one shipped to your door and watch it grow—this one comes potted in a four-inch terra cotta pot. Keep it in bright indirect light and water when the soil is dry. Since it comes in a small pot, you’ll want to re-pot it once it outgrows its original container.

To buy: $10; amazon.com.


Air Plants

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It doesn’t get easier than air plants. They don’t require too much water—just a spritz daily or a soak in water every few weeks. Keep them in bright to moderate, indirect light. These plants love humidity, so they’re ideal for a bathroom. This kit includes 11 air plants and a bottle of plant fertilizer food.

To buy: $22; amazon.com.



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This trailing plant will make an eye-catching accent on a surface (like your kitchen counter or side table) or in a hanging basket. Place in low, indirect light and water weekly or when the soil is dry.

To buy: $18; amazon.com.


Aloe Vera

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Just in time for the summer season, use your aloe vera plant to help soothe any painful sunburns. This one can grow up to three feet in height. Place in a sunny spot and water when the soil is dry.

To buy: $9; amazon.com.