Cacti and ferns and bonsai, oh my!
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Costa Farms Live Bromeliad Indoor Plant

If your home could use a little sprucing up, adding some greenery is one of the easiest solutions. Plants have always been available on Amazon through various vendors, but they haven’t all been easily accessible and organized in one place until recently. The giant retailer quietly launched a huge plants shop, the Amazon Plants Store, last year. In it, there’s a large and diverse selection of greenery, including succulents, bonsai, palm trees, aloe vera, and orchids—many of which can be delivered to your door in two days or less.

You can browse the plants page by page or shop by retailer. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, the shop has easy-to-care-for options, like the ZZ plant (which is deemed as “virtually indestructible”) or snake plant. Below, we rounded up some of our favorites to cheer up your living room or kitchen windowsill, or you can shop the entire store yourself here. (And while you’re at it, pick up some of Amazon’s prettiest plant pots, too!)

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Gardenia Bush Plant

Gardenia Bush

This gardenia plant is almost as pretty as it smells. While gardenia bushes are considered tropical, the plant can actually thrive indoors under the right conditions—as indoor plants, they love cooler temperatures, plenty of light, and some humidity. If you pay attention to its basic needs carefully, you’ll have a happy, always blooming bush.

To buy: $25;


Succulents Set

Who doesn’t love succulents? They’re easy to take care of, incredibly pretty, and an easy way to decorate a simple space. This collection of succulents comes with five different types (based on the season and readiness of the plant), and only needs a little water every now and then to thrive.

To buy: $16;

White Bird of Paradise Plant

White Bird of Paradise Floor Plant

This lovely, tall, and super leafy plant will add an elegant touch to any space. Bird of paradise plants can thrive in both low light and direct sunlight, though you can expect them to fully flourish in sunny spots. These plants love warmer temperatures and enjoy having their glossy, dark green leaves misted every now and then.

To buy: $35;

Euphorbia Cactus

Euphorbia Cactus Set

This exotic set of three cacti is sure to liven up your windowsill: They love being in the sun and only need to be watered every two to three weeks. They’re a great choice for those just starting their plant collection, and will help to clear up indoor air pollution.

To buy: $27;

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Indoor Tree

Considered the new “it” plant, this fig tree is actually Amazon’s best-selling indoor house plant. The cabbage leaf-looking tree is loved for its big, dramatic presence, and is often featured in home decor and interior design magazines. “I was super skeptical of ordering live plants on Amazon but figured I'd give it a try just once. Turns out, it was an AWESOME idea, and I couldn't be happier,” wrote one shopper. “This sweet lil dude showed up bigger than I expected, with tons of healthy leaves. I have had no luck finding anything close to a fiddle leaf fig in local nurseries, which makes this an even better deal. I'm really, really pleased with my purchase.”

To buy: $30;

Bromeliad Tabletop Plant

Bromeliad Indoor Tabletop Plant

Another tropical find, the bromeliad is a beautiful choice for an indoor houseplant. They come in a range of colors, including pink, orange, red, and yellow, and are super low maintenance—just put them in medium to bright light and water whenever the soil is dry. Customers are pleasantly surprised that the bromeliad arrives bigger than expected and in a super healthy condition.

To buy: $22;