The classic Japanese gardening trend is taken to the next, er, level.

By Sarah Yang
Updated January 27, 2016
Air Bonsai

Instead of a regular succulent or fiddle leaf fig plant, how about a tiny, gravity-defying tree for your indoor garden? Japanese company Hoshinchu has created floating bonsai tree kits, or “Air Bonsai,” that are powered by magnets. Each kit consists of a “little star,” which is a moss ball with a built-in magnet where the tree is planted, and a handmade porcelain “energy base” that also has a built-in magnet and a rotating mechanism, powered by an AC adapter. The plant is able to “float” because of the force between the two opposing built-in magnets.

Hoshinchu launched a Kickstarter campaign for those interested in purchasing their own kits, with the goal of raising $80,000 to start manufacturing these floating plants. They’ve already raised $414,241 with 1,870 backers, and the company hopes to ship the products in August. Although most of the sets with specially-designed bases have sold out, you can still order the Air Bonsai Basic Set for $200, which includes a “little star,” an “energy base,” an AC adapter, and a one-of-a-kind cushion to place the base on, which will be packaged in a wooden box.

Because of export regulations, plants from Japan can’t be shipped to the U.S., so the company plans on working with local nurseries or plant suppliers to fulfill orders.

See the Air Bonsai in action in the video below: