3 Easy Gardening Hacks to Get You Ready for Spring

Using items you probably already have around the house. 

Everyday items (an over-the-door shoe rack, an ice cream cone, a wine bottle) bloom into crafty helpers that make caring for plants a cinch—even if you lack a green thumb.


Shoe Organizer as Vertical Garden

Photo by Travis Rathbone

Love the idea of an herb garden, but just don’t have the room? Maximize your vertical space by hanging a shoe organizer on a sunny fence, shed, or porch door. First poke small holes in the bottom of each pocket for drainage and then fill with herbs or other small plants. Bonus: When you water your plants from the top row, the overflow water will drip into the plants below.


Ice Cream Cone as Seed Starter

Photo by Travis Rathbone

Have a couple sugar cones that have gone stale in the cabinet? Repurpose them as seedling starters. Just fill a cone with soil and your favorite seeds. “This works best for seedlings that grow within a few weeks,” says Heather Rhoades of the gardening website gardeningknowhow.com. The reason why this summer treat vessel works so well? It’s biodegradable, making replanting easy.


Wine Bottle as Self-Watering Planter

Photo by Travis Rathbone

Rinse out a wine bottle and fill it with water. Replace the cork and hammer a nail through it to create a small hole. Remove the nail and place the neck of the bottle in the soil at a slight angle. Water will drip out and hydrate your plant once the soil dries around it. (Will water a medium-size plant for your entire one-week vacation.)