7 Tulip Arrangements That Are Absolutely Stunning

Take a cue from these beautiful arrangements and create your own at home.

Multi-colored tulip arrangement
Photo: TheBouqs.com
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White tulips in ribbon-wrapped vase
Dyad Photography

"Simplicity is key when it comes to appreciating tulips. Group tulips of the same color together and wrap your vase with ribbon to customize your arrangement." –Bronwen Smith, owner and lead designer at B Floral

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Fresh Greens

Purple pink and orange tulip arrangement

"Let tulips stretch out in your favorite vase (mine is a speckled blue enamel water pitcher) and pair them with field greens like Solidago, or a fresh snip of eucalyptus for both fragrance and fullness." –Callie Bladow, production director at BloomThat.

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Yellow tulip and orchid arrangement
Hidden Garden

"This contemporary and tropical-inspired design features a zebra leaf lining to hide the stems inside the vase. The groupings of orchids, horsetail, sword fern, and our favorite Libretto parrot tulips create a chic twist!" Amy Child Marella, owner of the Hidden Garden

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Specialty Tulips

Bright-colored floral arrangement with parrot tulips
Christina Baker Design

"I am always so excited when Parrot tulips are in season and readily available. With their curly, feathered, and multi-colored petals, they provide a sublime texture and depth to any arrangement. This exotic tulip is a clear standout star, yet somehow manages to bring out the best details of all of the flowers in the entire arrangement. I love to incorporate them into all of our floral arrangements whenever I can." –Christina, owner of Christina Baker Design

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Multi-colored Arrangement

Multi-colored tulip arrangement

"Tulips are one of my favorite springtime flowers. For long-lasting tulips, I suggest buying ones very tight or unopened, with the buds still green and just showing a little bit of color. When arranging tulips in a vase, start by placing two-thirds to three-quarters of your tulips around the perimeter of the container. You can situate the stems so that they are standing straight up, or you can crisscross them in the basin of the container to create an interlocking web that will hold the stems in place. From there, fill in the center and try to space them apart as evenly as possible." –Eric Buterbaugh, Chief Floral Officer for The Bouqs Co.

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Calming Palette

Pink and white floral arrangement
Flowers By Ivy

"This arrangement was inspired by spring and the feeling of new beginnings—this white, pink, and sage color palette is a lovely color scheme for the transition from winter to spring. I like to pair tulips with hydrangeas and ranunculus." –Ivy Vuong, owner of Flowers By Ivy and floral partner of BloomNation

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Standout Texture

Pink fringed tulips
L’Atelier Rouge

"The texture of these fringed tulips is so unique that I wanted to stick with a single varietal and a single color to really put the emphasis on the incredibly delicate, lacy petals." –Caroline Bailly, owner of L'Atelier Rouge

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