Best Fall Plants and Flowers at Trader Joe's Right Now (Yes, Yogi Skeleton Air Plants Are Here!)

Grab these the next time you stock up on Everything But the Bagel seasoning.

This fall, we'll be frequenting beloved Trader Joe's for more than just the Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese and the walnut pesto—the grocery store's fresh flower section is not to be missed. On Instagram, Trader Joe's fans have already started posting the fall blooms and Halloween-themed planters popping up at their local TJ's locations. From riots of gold and rust-colored chrysanthemums to the cult-favorite yogi skeleton air plants, here are the plants and flowers to look out for at Trader Joe's this fall.

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Yogi Skeleton Air Plants

If you remember from last year, these adorable yogi skeleton air plants flew off the Trader Joe's shelves so fast, it was scary. Grab a few while you can, and let them hold a seance (er, meditation session) on your kitchen counter or mantel.

According to the Instagram account @traderjolene, these Tillandsia air plants are selling for $6 a pop.

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Colorful Chrysanthemums

If you want to keep up with all things floral at Trader Joe's, then @traderjoes_flowers is the one to follow. She'll show you what's fresh at her local TJ's, including these chrysanthemums and daisies in rich fall hues.

According to her latest post, pumpkin season is officially upon us: Trader Joe's is selling pumpkins in autumn colors for $6 each.

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Fresh Eucalyptus

No matter if your fall decorating style is understated monochromatics or playfully Halloween-themed, @kristine.jayne proves that TJ's has the flowers to match. In her kitchen, fresh eucalyptus and baby's breath form a minimalist bouquet, then swipe to see the skeleton air plant making itself at home on her coffee counter.

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Fall Colors Bouquet

For a bouquet that's like a pumpkin spice latte in a vase, Instagrammer @emmacbucy combined roses in orange, yellow, and vibrant pink hues, all sourced at—you guessed it—Trader Joe's.

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