The Best Flower Subscriptions to Sign Up for Right Now

You'll have a hard time choosing between the bouquet options that our top pick, BloomsyBox, has to offer.

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A bouquet of fresh flowers has the power to transform a space. Don't believe us? Try placing a sweet-smelling and colorful arrangement in any room of your home and see how long it takes a family member to comment on the new addition.

Luckily, you don't have to head to the grocery store every time you want a bouquet. With a flower subscription, you can get an arrangement sent to your doorstep at a cadence that works for you. Most flower delivery services allow you to customize your subscription based on your preferences, and the best flower subscriptions even offer members a discounted price on each order (and/or free shipping). Here are the online services you can trust to send premium flowers on a consistent basis.

Best Flower Subscription Services of 2022

Best Overall: BloomsyBox

Real Simple / Abbey Littlejohn

Key Specs

  • Average price per delivery: $52
  • No. of plans: 10
  • Free shipping? No


  • Seven of the 10 subscriptions are under $50 per delivery
  • No repeat bouquets during the first year of your subscription
  • Option to receive only pet-safe blooms
  • A plant subscription is available


  • Shipping costs extra
  • Can't choose the delivery frequency for every subscription type

Why It Made the List

The amount of subscription options at BloomsyBox is almost overwhelming. The company offers 10 distinct plans, five of which surprise you with a different mix of seasonal blooms every week, two weeks, or month, depending on your preference.

The other five are designed for very specific types of customers: If you gravitate toward opulence, the New York Botanical Garden subscription (about $70 per delivery) or the Bloomsy Roses box (just under $50 per delivery) should peak your interest. Dog and cat owners will no doubt appreciate the pet-safe plan (around $50 per delivery) featuring non-toxic flower varieties, while plant enthusiasts get their own subscription ($60 per delivery) plus one that's strictly dedicated to eucalyptus ($40 per delivery).

Best Value: The Bouqs Co.

The Bouqs Co
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Key Specs

  • Average price per delivery: $44 per month
  • No. of plans: 3
  • Free shipping? Yes


  • Plans start at $44 per delivery
  • Free shipping and up to 30 percent off on subscription orders
  • Subscribers can choose what flowers come in each shipment
  • Four different delivery frequencies


  • Depending on the style you choose, the Original size may look a little puny

Why It Made the List

Flower delivery can get expensive quickly, especially if you're receiving a new bouquet every single month or week. For subscriptions, The Bouqs Co. is the best value. Prices are based on an arrangement's size and begin at $44 for 10-16 stems. The largest bouquet size, 30-45 stems, costs $69, which is the starting price for many competitors. Add in free shipping, and you've got yourself a pretty good deal.

In addition to being one of the more affordable services, The Bouqs Co. offers quite a bit of customization once you sign up. For each shipment, subscribers pick the delivery date, recipient, and blooms—there are more than 80 bouquet styles available. So if you want to send flowers to your sister on her birthday, you can do it through your subscription.

Best for Beginners: Petalled

Real Simple / Larisa Niedle

Key Specs

  • Average price per delivery: $87
  • No. of plans: 3
  • Free shipping? No


  • The brand's flower arranging kits are perfect for amateur florists
  • Each box comes with design instructions
  • Arrangements take 45 minutes or less to complete
  • Discount for subscribers


  • No free shipping
  • Not much say in the types of flowers you receive

Why It Made the List

With Petalled, you're getting a crash course in flower arranging. Unlike a traditional flower subscription, Petalled sends you loose stems so that you can design your own bouquet. While that sounds complicated, you need little to no experience to successfully create an arrangement because each kit comes with step-by-step instructions, so you'll graduate from novice to expert in no time.

Due to its unique model, Petalled's subscriptions aren't cheap—prices range from $69 for the Petite size to $104 for the Grande—but they make for a fun activity. Along with monthly and bimonthly plans, Petalled offers a quarterly subscription, which is a great way to ring in each new season.

Best for Roses: Global Rose

Global Rose
Real Simple / Abbey Littlejohn

Key Specs

  • Average price per delivery: $74
  • No. of plans: 2 for roses
  • Free shipping? Yes


  • More than 100 rose varieties to choose from across both subscriptions
  • Free shipping
  • Subscribers can pick the delivery frequency, stem amount, number of shipments, and type of roses they receive
  • Roses are shipped in bud form so that they bloom on arrival


  • Must sign up for at least three deliveries

Why It Made the List

Based on the name, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Global Rose is our pick for rose delivery. The company has two subscriptions dedicated to the popular flower: the Solid Color Roses Club (starting around $40 per delivery) and the Variety Roses Club (beginning at $60 per delivery). Both plans allow you to choose the delivery frequency—weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly—as well as the stem count and total amount of shipments.

Where the two subscriptions differ is in the rose selection. For the Solid Color Roses Club, subscribers simply choose a color and they'll be sent varieties that correspond to their pick. For the Variety Roses Club, members have a choice between more than 100 different rose varieties, making it a great gift for a floral or gardening enthusiast. Global Rose also offers a Carnation Club subscription for approximately $56 per delivery, and a VIP Flower Club for around $50 per delivery.

Best DIY Subscription: It's By U

It's By U
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Key Specs

  • Average price per delivery: $79
  • No. of plans: 6
  • Free shipping? Yes


  • Subscribers arrange their own bouquets
  • Six different aesthetics to choose from
  • Free shipping on subscription orders
  • Each kit only includes in-season blooms


  • The subscriptions' corresponding vases cost extra
  • Delivery is only available on Thursdays and Fridays

Why It Made the List

Want more control over how your flower arrangements look? It's By U lets you build your own bouquet. Subscribers start by selecting a style—there are six options—and a delivery frequency (biweekly, monthly, or a one-time shipment). Though you can't pick the exact flowers that come in each box, the It's By U team will always send blooms that fit with the aesthetic you've chosen. For instance, the Warm Industrial subscription contains small, eco-grown florals for a modern-looking centerpiece.

Prices range from $51.95 to $156 per delivery, and shipping is free on all subscription orders. Every box includes design instructions as well as a video tutorial for flower arranging newbies.

Final Verdict

The best flower subscription is BloomsyBox for its consistency and the quality of its blooms. Plus, there are 10 plans to choose from and prices start at $40 per delivery, making it one of the more affordable subscription options.

You can also find cheaper blooms via The Bouqs Co. and Global Rose, but if you're interested in arranging the flowers yourself, we recommend Petalled and It's By U for their subscription DIY kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Flower Subscription Cost?

The cost of a flower subscription varies from company to company, and almost every service offers multiple plans at different price points to appeal to more customers. On average, you should expect to pay between $50 and $90 per delivery. However, The Bouqs Co., BloomsyBox, and Global Rose all have plans that start around $40 if you're looking for something a little cheaper.

Do Flower Subscriptions Come With Vases?

Typically, flower subscriptions do not include vases. The flowers are traditionally tied together or come as loose stems, requiring the recipient to source their own container. Some subscription services, like It's By U, let you add on a vase to your order.

How Long Should Flowers Last?

Not all flower types stay fresh for the same amount of time. Certain cut flowers, like chrysanthemums and carnations, last up to two weeks, but most subscription services only guarantee that their blooms will last for seven days, though a 10- to 15-day shelf life is common. To ensure that the flowers stay fresh for longer, many companies will ship the stems in bud form so that they blossom in your home.


We reviewed and collected data on 30 different flower delivery services to find the best flower subscriptions in the bunch. To make this list as inclusive as possible, we only considered companies that have nationwide delivery capabilities. We also weighed the following factors:

  • Price per delivery
  • Additional shipping fees
  • Variety of subscription plans
  • Freshness of the blooms delivered
  • Customization options
  • Customer reviews

In addition to the criteria mentioned, our team researched each company's growing processes and sustainability initiatives (if any). Services committed to protecting the environment and their farm workers received extra points.

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