Gorgeous Fall Flowers That Will Give You Serious Arranging and Planting Inspo

With new fall plants blooming, you'll have lots of fresh colors for flower arrangements and new options for your garden.

Inspiration for Fall Flower Arrangements
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It’s time to refresh your vases because fall flowers are officially here.

With the change in season comes a flush of new gorgeous garden colors just dying to be picked, paired, and used in everything from centerpieces to floral touches. Best of all, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to know how to make flower arrangements with autumn's reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. All you need is a little visual inspiration–and what better place to look than Instagram?

In case you need somewhere to start, here are a few photos to inspire you and fill your every floral need, including inspiration for fall flower arrangements, fall wedding flowers, and fall flowers to plant.

Fall Flower Arrangements

Incorporate a bit of pink this season with a few peach-colored roses alongside a healthy dose of orange chrysanthemum.

Keep it bright by pairing together rich brown leaves with the last of the summer season’s sunflowers.

Take people by surprise by adding a pop of blue with hydrangeas–a perennial flower that blooms from spring to fall–in your autumnal bouquets.

Add a sultry touch to your fall flowers with a bit of deep red roses.

Forget flowers. Just pick your veggies instead and display a bit of ornamental kale for a unique take on fall arrangements.

Fall Wedding Flowers

Keep the guys in your wedding party looking fall-ready with a white anemone boutonniere.

Orange lilies add fantastic depth to a gilded wedding centerpiece. ​​​​

Don’t forget about the awesome power of a lilac-hued fall bouquet of flowers.

Add textures to your fall wedding bouquet with fuzzy cattails and rich green leaves.

Unexpected natural elements like branches can also add just the right touch to your fall wedding flowers.

Fall Flowers to Plant

Pumpkins aren’t the only plant popping up in fall gardens. Try spacing in a few potted mums, which are fall blooming flowers, for good measure.

Who says your fall lawn has to be boring? Plant a few Muhlenbergia, otherwise known as Pink Grass, for a bit of height and color.

Montauk daisies are a late-blooming plant ideal for elongating the season into Indian summer.

Black-eyed Susans may only last for a few weeks into fall, so enjoy them in your garden while you can.

Leucothoe, or Little Flames, will give your garden the red-and-green hues perfect for a fall look–plus, it's a perennial, meaning this plant will last for two seasons.

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