22 Container Gardens in Bloom That Will Make You Start Gardening

The best part? Minimal weeding.

Group of Potted Plants Near a Window and Patio Chair

As these photos of container gardens show, a garden can consist of only a pot and a lush plant. It doesn't have to be much more than that. Plus, it's convenient for those with small spaces. If you want to start a garden, consider starting with a container garden like the ones highlighted here.

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Grow Vegetables in Containers

A vegetable container garden in front of a white door
Ngoc Minh Ngo

To grow vegetables in containers, look for varieties with words like bush, baby, dwarf, tiny, and patio in their names. They breed to be compact.

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Let Plants Flourish in Their Natural Conditions

Several outdoor plants in terra cotta containers arranged on stairs
Richard Felber

Before heading to the nursery, study the area you’ve picked for your container garden. Is it sunny or shady? Then find plants that will flourish in those conditions.

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Choose Appropriate Containers

Three Potted Plants in Front of Windows Staggered on Tables with White Watering Can
Ngoc Minh Ngo

Terra-cotta pots are ideal for container plants because their porous walls let air and water easily move through, so roots grow healthy.

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Plant Multiple Herbs Together

Potted herb garden in front of white door with blue gardening gloves on floor
Ngoc Minh Ngo

You can plant an assortment of herbs in one pot so long as their care requirements are compatible.

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Create a Visually Appealing Entrance

Yellow front door with potted plants on either side
Aimee Herring

Potted plants flanking an entry door are warm and welcoming.

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Play With the Arrangement of Pots

Three plants in blue pots of different sizes
Richard Felber

Place a large pot in the center of a display, accented with smaller pots for balance.

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Decorate Your Space

Seven smaller plants in yellow pots
Richard Felber

Create a "centerpiece" for your porch by grouping varieties of the same species planted in similar pots.

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Create a Dramatic Driveway

Line of four white pots with tall ornamental grass
Richard Felber

Matching pots planted with ornamental grass lend drama to a driveway or path.

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Divide Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor potted plants along edge of lawn near a tree
Richard Felber

Use potted plants to define an outdoor space: In this photo, they separate the patio from the lawn.

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Use Ceramic Pots for Moisture

Two glazed ceramic blue planters with white flowers on a white wooden deck
Mark Lund

Ceramic pots are porous, allowing roots to breathe, and a glazed finish helps conserve moisture.

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Try a Wall Garden

White wall garden with potted plants hanging on it
Richard Felber

Mounted plants cheer up a bare wall. Hang an even number for a formal look or an odd number for a more relaxed feel.

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Hang Your Garden

Hanging potted flower plant
Richard Felber

For an effortless hanging garden, try mini petunias. They never need deadheading, and they thrive in the sun or a mix of sun and shade.

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Repurpose Interesting Containers

Succulents planted in a gray stone birdbath
Beatriz Da Costa

An old birdbath makes a perfect new home for shallow-rooted succulents.

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Use Potted Plants as a Screen

Potted and container plants lined up as a screen next to outdoor seating in a patio
Minh & Wass

Create an oasis in your yard by arranging potted plants into a sheltering screen.

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Double-Check Drainage in Pots

Two cast-iron planters with green plants on a white wooden deck
Mark Lund

When potting ivy, make sure the containers have enough depth to allow for proper drainage.

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Move Plants According to Season

Green plant with blue flowers in a wooden box container on the floor
Ellen Silverman

During the winter, you can force bulbs to bloom indoors (like the Christmas Pearl grape hyacinths shown here), then replant outside come spring.

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Encourage Blooming With Crafty Tactics

Lilies in bloom planted in glass jar containers
Ellen Silverman

Pungently fragrant paperwhite narcissus are easy to coax into blooming indoors. Use tall containers with no drainage holes.

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Consider Non-Traditional Containers

Multiple plants in an enclosed terrarium
Lisa Hubbard

A terrarium―which lets greens live in a self-sufficient environment―is a no-fuss way to garden.

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Start Your Garden With a Terrarium

Potted plant inside a terrarium
Lisa Hubbard

A humidity-loving tropical houseplant, such as a maidenhair fern or a flame violet, will thrive in a bell-jar terrarium.

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Start Small for Container Gardens

Red clover planted in a white ceramic pitcher sitting on a gold tray
Ellen Silverman

Purple shamrock makes the tiniest indoor container garden when planted in a ceramic pitcher with drilled added drainage holes.

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Seek Beauty in All Parts of a Plant

Tiarella jeepers in a glass container with roots exposed
Wendell T. Webber

A tangle of roots exposed in a glass cylinder can be just as eye-catching as the leaves above.

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Water Plants Properly

Group of indoor potted plants on pedestals, the floor, and a table
Ngoc Minh Ngo

Always empty saucers after you water plants: Letting pots sit in water can damage roots.

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