Black Florists and Plant Pros You Should Be Following on Instagram

Check out these stunning, plant-filled Instagram accounts.

If you love houseplants or want to fill your social media feed with eye-catching floral arrangements (honestly, who doesn't?), be sure to follow these Black plant experts and florists on Instagram. Some own plant stores you can shop online, while others provide plant care tips you won't want to miss. All of these accounts are full of beautiful botanicals—plus the process and people behind the plants.

Black Florists and Plant Pros on Instagram, beautiful floral arrangement
Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht
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Maryah Greene / Greene Piece

Follow along as plant doctor Maryah Greene turns New York City apartments into urban jungles, repots massive palm plants, and visits her favorite garden stores. She offers an inside look at the world of a plant consultant, and will keep you laughing with her funny videos. Good news if you're based in NYC: Greene Piece does plant consultations and installations.

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Hilton Carter

Hilton Carter's dreamy Baltimore, Maryland apartment (shown here) is at least partially responsible for sparking the Instagram houseplant craze. If his feed inspires you to expand your own plant collection (and it definitely will!), consult one of his plant books. Pre-order the upcoming title Wild Creations.

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Dorrington Reid

Based in Toronto, Dorrington Reid's Instagram bio reads, "I'm just a guy with an iPhone," but one look at his impressive houseplant-covered home indicates he's also a plant pro. If you're a fan of trailing houseplants (including fresh varieties of pothos) and low-maintenance plant options, look no further for inspiration.

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Nelson ZêPequéno

The founder of @blackmenwithgardens, another account you definitely don't want to miss (as well as the account it was inspired by @blackgirlswithgardens), Nelson ZêPequéno is an L.A.-based multimedia artist. He creates artwork featuring live plants and flowers, plus embroidery of leafy monsteras and prickly cacti.

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Olivee Floral

Want to be greeted by gorgeous bouquets when you log into Instagram? Follow Brooklyn-based florist Karla Smith-Brown, the owner of Olivee Floral, who left her corporate career in marketing to pursue floral design in 2019. If you're local, you can sign up for an IRL weekly flower subscription delivered to your door.

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Christopher Griffin / Plant Kween

Christopher Griffin, known as the "Plant Kween," has an apartment full of lush houseplants (aka, the Green Gurls). Always pictured mid-laugh and surrounded by an oasis of greenery, this plantfluencer radiates joy and positivity and will put a smile on your face every single day.

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Kristen Griffith VanderYacht

The head judge on The Big Flower Fight on Netflix and owner of Wild Bloom, a floral design company in Seattle, Kristen Griffith VanderYacht is a creator of floral masterpieces. These artful, romantic arrangements will sweep you off your feet.

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Wondering why your plant has yellow leaves? Curious how to care for your new ponytail palm? This Washington, D.C.-based plant shop founded by Mignon Hemsley and Danuelle Doswell offers up plenty of helpful plant care tips. Don't worry if you're not local, their online store ships across the country.

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Bradford Botanical and Co.

This Atlanta-based shop hosts events and pop-ups selling everything a plant-obsessed person could want, from cacti to propagation stations. Follow their Instagram to see their hours for the weekend, get a peek at the plants, and time your visit to the food truck's arrival. If you don't live local, admire this plant paradise from afar.

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Lily V Events

For showstopping floral installations and next-level wedding inspiration, follow Lily V Events. Cue the flower walls, towering centerpieces, and elaborate floral gateways.

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