These popular items range from mosquito repellers to geometric hanging pots.

By Summer Cartwright
July 13, 2020
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You can learn a lot about gardening by taking the words of advice from fellow gardeners. This way, you can find out which plants are impossible to kill, which plants are actually safe for your pets to nibble on, and which plants need surprisingly little light. Along with taking other gardeners’ words into account, you can consider what they’re gawking over and buying. And Amazon’s Most Wished For Page is the perfect place to do just that. 

There are pages for nearly every category, each made up of 100 items Amazon shoppers are adding to their wish lists and registries. It’s the perfect place to spark inspiration because it’s basically a Pinterest board full of popular products you can buy on the spot. 

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Amazon’s Most Wished For Gardening & Lawn Care page has everything from portable mosquito repellers to gorgeous tiered plant stands to ergonomic pruning shears. But we’ll admit, there’s a lot to comb over. So we downsized the list to 10 items—all under $35—that are actually worth buying. Check them out below.

Using a natural repellent made from chrysanthemum flowers, this portable, DEET-free repeller can protect up to 15 feet of outdoor space. The quiet gadget can last for up to four hours of use and is backed by the Environmental Protection Agency for its safety and effectiveness. Even better: Its formula won’t leave your skin feeling sticky or smelly. 

To buy: $22;

Coming in five modern colorways, the set of two geometric vases are the perfect display for succulents and small plants, especially in tight spaces or office areas. Nearly 4,000 shoppers have given these planters a solid 4.6-star rating, and most reviews note how easy the installation process is. “They look better than I even imagined,” wrote one shopper. 

To buy: $15 for two  (was $17);

Designed to keep your hands comfortable during long hours gardening, these under-$10 pruning shears come with ergonomic rubber handles and a spring load that reduces hand strain. With more than 3,500 ratings, the gardening tool is a real hit among shoppers. “I have arthritis and I don't find them difficult to use at all,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “On top of ease of use, they are really sharp and my plants are thriving after getting treated with these!”

To buy: $7;

While these might look like they’re part of a spooky Halloween costume, the Garden Genie Gloves have built-in claws that come in handy for digging, cutting, and weeding. Reviewers say they use the gloves for planting bulbs, removing rocks, and—since the claws are plastic—giving great bully rubs to pets. 

To buy: $15;

This vintage-looking spray bottle is built for watering indoor plants, but can function just as well as a decor item thanks to its sharp design. It’s the kind of gardening accessory that you can leave lying around the house when it’s not in use because it’s so pleasing to look at. “The perfect size for using this for household plants,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Perfect for misting my orchids and bonsai trees that don’t use a lot of water.”

To buy: $12;

Sometimes, when gardening, you could use a little assistance. Enter the Vivosun Grow Bags. Made with thick, nonwoven fabric, the bags boost air circulation and drainage so that roots can prune and develop. This extra air exposure allows for plants to grow thicker and faster. The grow bags range in size from one gallon to 30 gallons, and each bag comes with handles for easy transport. 

To buy: $11 for five (was $15);

You can use this soil meter to test pH, sunlight, and moisture levels. And while that might seem complex, the scale is color-coded. So if the needle moves into the green zone, you know you’re good to go. It helps those who are prone to over-watering or wonder whether their plant’s placement is really beneficial for its growth. “Making me into a green thumb,” wrote one reviewer. “My secret weapon!”

To buy: $13 (was $16);

These greenhouse-grown succulents are a simple way for gardening beginners to start. The easy-to-care-for plants come in lots of different collection sizes, each featuring a variety of succulents. The company that ships them ensures the plants will arrive in great condition, and if not, there’s a 30-day return window for a full refund. Given all the praise these have racked up, you probably don’t have to worry about that, though. The variety pack of succulents has nearly 4,5000 reviews and a four-star rating. Which, in Amazon terms, is quite impressive. 

To buy: $23 for four;

There’s never a bad time to show off all of your gardening hard work, especially when a gorgeous plant stand is involved. Creete’s white metal design is a beautiful minimalistic option that can fit into a bedroom, living room, office, or patio space. It comes with five flower pot holders that each can withstand up to 14 pounds of weight. The stand is a great option for those looking to bring more greenery into their homes. 

To buy: $34;

Amazon’s best-selling sprinkler system, Melnor’s Turbo Oscillator, comes in five different designs that vary in adjustability and material. The adjustable sprinkler can work in areas up to 4,500 square feet, and shoppers say it’s great for large yards. You can also change the water pressure, angle, and rotation on the sprinkler to ensure it hits the areas needed. Plus, shoppers say getting the system set up is a breeze. “I liked this sprinkler so much, I bought a second one,” wrote one five-star reviewer.

To buy: $17;