It’s your home’s most-viewed space, so why not give it a little love? These eight entryway accessories deliver.
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If you want to boost your home's curb appeal (and wow your guests), the easiest trick is simply to spruce up your front door. Tiny swaps are all it takes to make your front door reflect a modern—yet classic—style, so get inspired by the products below, then order a couple details—a vintage-y sconce or geometric planter. And voilà, your front door is ready to greet guests.

Front Door Decor: Latitude Run Needham 2-Light Outdoor Sconce
Credit: Courtesy of manufacturer

1 Latitude Run Needham 2-Light Outdoor Sconce


This frosted-glass sconce is a balance of contemporary and vintage-inspired.

Front Door Decor: Hub Umbrella Stand
Credit: Courtesy of manufacturer

2 Hub Umbrella Stand


Rest a stick umbrella against the rim and hang collapsible models from the hidden hooks.

Front Door Decor: Tile Mat
Credit: Courtesy of manufacturer

3 Tile Mat


Switch up the vinyl "tiles" whenever the mood strikes so guests see a new greeting every time they visit.

Front Door Decor: Bow Angled Wall-Mounted Mailbox
Credit: Courtesy of manufacturer

4 Bow Angled Wall-Mounted Mailbox


You'll no longer forget to check the snail mail once you install this pretty box—it's like jewelry for your house.

Front Door Decor: Montague Metal Products Modern House Numbers
Credit: Courtesy of manufacturer

5 Montague Metal Products Modern House Numbers

From $18,

These sleek, design-forward digits are hand-cast from recycled aluminum.

Front Door Decor: Ravishing Coral by Sherwin-Williams
Credit: Courtesy of manufacturer

6 Ravishing Coral by Sherwin-Williams

From $39/gal,

A pinky-orange paint color will give your front door the cheery face-lift you're after.

Front Door Decor: Mid-Century Star Doorbell or “Please Ring” Doorbell
Credit: Courtesy of manufacturer

7 Mid-Century Star Doorbell or "Please Ring" Doorbell

From $25,

Go for the midcentury modern star or the classic, Downton-ish rectangle doorbell plate.

Front Door Decor: Bishop Pedestal Planter
Credit: Courtesy of manufacturer

8 Bishop Pedestal Planter


Elevate your plants with this sturdy frostproof pedestal pot.