Find the best indoor greenery—zero upkeep required. 

By Stephanie Harris and Christina Butan
Updated January 24, 2019
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Let’s face it: Some of us just don’t have a green thumb—or maybe your place is lacking the optimal light for indoor greenery to thrive. We asked the pros to share their best tips for finding the right fake plant that will fool even the most discerning eye.

Pay Attention to the Stem

“The best quality items will have most realistic stems,” says Gaby Zone, Senior Buyer at Terrain. “The stems are usually a dead giveaway into the quality: Do they just look like green plastic? Do the leaves look over- or undersized? Then it is most likely not a great quality stem.”

Embrace Imperfection

“Faux that has buds or not fully blossomed flowers helps add to the realism of the stem, as it's showing the stem at a point in its life cycle, rather than just looking perfect," says Zone.

Keep It Natural

Both Kelly Billingsley, vice president of NDI, and Zone agree that the best fake plant manufacturers will not offer plants in imaginary colors. “You will not find any ‘blue magnolias’ in our garden basket,” says Billingsley

Add Variety

When putting together a bouquet of faux stems, Zone likes to mix and match different textures and styles. “I especially like to select a mixture of items that you wouldn’t usually find in faux form, like moss branches or thistle, to help make the more typical variety seen in faux flowers look more real.”

Keep Seasonality In Mind

“Change your faux floral designs out seasonally to keep things looking fresh,” suggests Billingsley. Zone adds that a top-notch faux stem will have leaves that have been digitally printed to look like they are beginning to bloom or beginning to wilt.

Consider Placement

“Do not place faux florals, plants, or trees in a space where you wouldn’t display the real thing,” warns Billingsley. Use faux succulents in spots that don’t see a lot of sunlight, suggests Zone. Consider them in a bathroom or dark bedroom.

Our Favorite Faux Plant Finds:

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Leaf Silk Stems
These beautiful and adjustable eucalyptus branches will make a great addition to any room in your home. The stems are made from plastic, so they’re easy to bend and style.

To buy: $19;

Dracaena Decorative Silk Plant
This artificial dracaena seriously looks like the real deal—perfect for impressing guests and acting like you’re gifted with an impeccable green thumb.

To buy: $74 (was $85);

Assorted Artificial Succulents
This waxy assortment of succulents includes 14 different kinds of faux plants, from aloe to string-of-pearls. Arrange them in hanging planters or a glass terrarium for a chic look, no maintenance necessary.

To buy: $24;

Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree
Standing at six-and-a-half feet tall, this stunning silk cane palm tree adds a luxurious feel to any living room. Reviewers recommend fluffing up the leaves to give the plant a lusher, more realistic look. (Like an artificial Christmas tree, you’ll need to assemble it yourself.)

To buy: $87;

Tropical Palm Monstera Fake Plant
Perfect for pretending like you’re living somewhere tropical, this monstera leaf plant comes in a pretty cement pot and makes a great addition to a shelf or desk. It’s perfect for tiny spaces.

To buy: $27;

Artificial Ivy Hanging Vine Plants
This zero-maintenance ivy plant will drape gorgeously anywhere you choose to hang it. As an added bonus, its leaves are waterproof so you can use it for outdoor decor.

To buy: $14;

  • By Stephanie Harris
  • By Christina Butan