You might want to start buying toilet paper in bulk. 

By Liz Steelman
Updated April 27, 2016

When you have guests over, do you curate your home in attempt to seem a little more interesting—highlight some art, strategically place quality book titles within eyesight? You’re not alone, according to a new study from Handy, the on-demand home service app. A whopping 80 percent of Americans believe that a person’s home reflects their personality. And this isn’t just unwarranted self-consciousness: almost the same amount of people (78 percent) admit they form opinions of people based upon their homes.

Handy teamed up with Lindsay T. Graham, a psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley, to survey users in 22 states about what Americans do to their homes before friends and potential partners visit. According to the results, people showcase things like fancy bottles of champagne and wine when guests come over, but also feel like they have a few things to hide: bank statements (66 percent of respondents), medicine and prescription drugs (45 percent), and photos of exes (34 percent).

Though you won’t necessarily lose a friend if your house is a mess (perhaps a coffee date next time?), 15 percent of respondents admitted to breaking up with a romantic prospect after visiting their home for the first time. The biggest deal breaker? Not having toilet paper available—45 percent of all respondents (and 48 percent of women) said this mattered in judging their future partner as a good match. Other turn-offs? Dirty plates and cups in the living room (40 percent), no toiletries in the bathroom (35 percent), a sink full of dishes (19 percent), an unmade bed (13 percent), and an overflowing laundry basket (12 percent).

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