Just think about the block parties he’ll be able to throw now!

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated January 25, 2018
Michael Kovac/Getty Images

If you thought 2017 was a good year for pop star Ed Sheeran—his hit song “Shape of You” topped the charts as the most popular song on Spotify for 2017—then just wait until you hear how he’s starting 2018. After announcing his engagement to girlfriend Cherry Seaborn last weekend on social media, the singer has reportedly purchased three houses right next to his current home in a small village in Suffolk, according to Elle Australia. Now, the entire block of homes is appropriately being deemed “Sheeran-ville” by his neighbors.

The house Sheeran already owned boasts a giant tree house, a swimming pool, and a barn, which at the start of last year, he reportedly hired contractors to convert into his own personal pub. In an interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1/Apple Music Radio, Sheeran explained the rumored system of tunnels hiding underneath his home, leading to the pub: “So basically there’s an underground tunnel to get there that you can close off. So if I have a party everyone goes in the pub and no one can get in the house so you get no one raiding the cupboards or smashing anything.” And now that the star owns an entire block of homes, the possibility of expanding his underground complex of tunnels just opened up.

Both Sheeran and his fiancée grew up in the Suffolk village where he bought the homes, so it seems that the couple is planning to settle down back in their hometown. “I’ve known Cherry since I was 11,” Sheeran told PEOPLE in an interview last March, before describing how they reconnected in New York City in 2015. Almost three years later, the couple is putting down new roots—and a few underground tunnels—back where it all began.