Show off your decorating chops to visitors from the moment they enter your home with this simple entryway decorating trick.

By Lauren Phillips
September 21, 2018

The entryway may not be at the top of your decorating list, but the space deserves a little aesthetic attention. It is the first look visitors get at the interior of your home, after all, and a dingy or bland entryway can start a house tour or visit on a bad note, even if the rest of your home is spectacular.

Fortunately, making a statement with the entryway is simple and requires only one easy decorative addition: a large piece of wall art, as demonstrated by the Real Simple Home’s foyer. Real Simple worked with designers and professional organizers to transform a four-bedroom penthouse in Brooklyn, New York, and the apartment is full of genius decorating tricks like this one.

Entryways tend to be small—in some cases, they’re just narrow hallways—so floorspace can be scarce. A large, eye-grabbing piece of wall art both brings color and personality to a space and serves as a focal point … and it’s unobtrusive, so the entryway can continue to feel organized. When visitors enter the space, their eyes latch onto the artwork, which ideally should be vibrant enough to hold their gaze as they move through the space. (An entryway is not a spot for lingering, after all.)

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