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By Stephanie Perry
June 10, 2020

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as dropping your belongings between the gaps in your car seats, especially when you’re in a rush. And while you’re blindly fumbling around for your dropped item, you may also notice that your car floor is littered with other long-forgotten things—like last month’s French fries. Thankfully, there’s a simple and affordable way to keep your belongings within reach and to prevent crumbs from slipping into this hard-to-reach area. It’s called the Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler, and it’s customer- and Shark Tank- approved.

The Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler was created out of necessity. Not only is it an annoying hassle to fish around for your dropped phone or wallet, it’s also a major distraction while you’re driving. Each order comes with two Drop Stops (one for the passenger’s side, one for the driver’s) to eliminate the space between your center console and your seat. You’ll also receive an LED credit card light to tuck into your wallet if needed and a slide-free pad for your dashboard.

The Drop Stop comes in a flexible neoprene casing that molds to your car’s gap size, fitting spaces between a quarter of an inch and 3.5 inches wide. The discreet black color is not only made to match your car’s interior, but also to appear nearly invisible, so you can forget it’s even there. And it’s designed to fit over your seatbelt buckle, so once installed you can still freely adjust your seat as needed.

One happy customer raves: “I have dropped my phone, key, and multiple other small things down into the deep abyss and spent far too long trying to reach my hand in to get the items out. Several days after a particularly harrowing rescue mission, I bought these gap fillers. And honestly, I find that I am thankful for them on a regular basis! Two years and not a single item lost to the abyss. Thanks for a great product!”

If you’re ready to stop fishing for your dropped belongings, shop the affordable and effective Drop Stop Car Gap Filler now.


To buy: $20; amazon.