Damaged walls, stained carpets, ugly appliances—these easy hacks will fix them all. 

By Tamara Kraus
Updated July 02, 2018
White apartment
Credit: Pexels

It turns out that the littlest problem areas in your home can have a huge impact not just on your design, but also on your mood. If it's popcorn ceiling or a stained carpet that's got you down, don't worry, we have the solution. We asked Decorist's Creative Director Jessica McCarthy for her expert advice on how to deal with these pesky problems in no time. Here are five areas to fix first, along with genius (and easy!) solutions.

White apartment
Credit: Pexels

Botched Paint or Damaged Walls

"Sometimes walls may be too damaged to just cover up with paint or art," McCarthy explains. "In this case, I always recommend covering your wall with shiplap. You can paint the wood any color you would like, and your space will be completely transformed. Give yourself a weekend and some power tools for this fun and transformative DIY project."

Stained Carpet Or Damaged Floor

"Throw rugs are the easiest way to cover up stained carpet or a damaged floor. Even if you have wall-to-wall carpet, layering rugs is a great way to make your room feel bigger and add additional interest, texture and color," McCarthy says.

Tangles and Nests of Cords

"Keep all your cords in your home the same color, and when you can, switch them out to clear cords. This will create consistency, and the clear cord will be much less of an eyesore than a black or brown cord," recommends McCarthy. "Also, use cord sleeves and cable ties to organize them. You can even have a handyman hide your wires between your walls for a really clean and streamlined look."

Popcorn Ceilings or Textured Walls

"The most simple way to make your popcorn ceiling less noticeable is to paint your ceiling white. Any dark paint will expose the popcorn texture much more than a fresh white. If you have a bit more of a budget, you can actually install wood planks or tin tiles to your ceiling. Paint them white and you will have an entire new look without ever removing the popcorn texture."

Visible, But Ugly Tech Accessories

"Cabinets are the best way to hide any type of appliance. You can hide your dishwasher, trash can, washer, dryer and fridge by concealing them under a cabinet panel. For electronics, hide your router in a basket or behind books on your bookshelf. I always recommend putting a console with doors under your TV—not only will this provide you extra storage, but it will also be the perfect place to hide your cable box."