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As the weather heats up, the cozy bedroom that was your sanctuary for three-quarters of the year may suddenly leave you tossing and turning all night. To create a bedroom that’s a summer oasis (read: cool and comfortable), you’ll want to swap out the warm winter bedding, lighten up the heavy window treatments, and infuse the whole space with a light and airy look. Besides making your room simply look cooler, little design updates, such as a stylish tabletop fan or breathable bedding, can actually help it feel cooler. For proven ways to style a summer-ready bedroom, we turned to designers from Homepolish, Havenly, and Laurel & Wolf, three interior design services that offer affordable online consultations at hourly rates or low flat fees. These pros help decorate real homes for real people, so they know how to design rooms that work in real life—not just look good for a magazine feature. Their tried-and-true tips for a cheery, lightened-up bedroom will help you feel cooler (and sleep better) all summer.

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