Guess it’s not going to be the Color of the Year anytime soon.

By Sarah Yang
Updated June 09, 2016
Pantone 448 C
Credit: Pantone

Is Pantone 448-C the most-hated color on the planet? After an Australian committee surveyed people over three months for unappealing colors, it looks like this hue, called Opaque Couché, was the winner (if you can call it that).

In 2012, the Australian government required that all cigarette packs be one standard color—and they sought out to find the most unappealing hue for the packaging in the hopes that people would be less tempted to buy them. gfK Bluemoon, the marketing company tasked with this goal, completed seven studies in which they surveyed more than 1000 smokers, aged 16-64. Opaque Couché beat out other divisive colors like lime green, white, beige, dark gray, and mustard.

Opaque Couché has helped the Australian government reduce the sales of cigarettes. Additionally, other countries, like the UK, have followed suit. So while we might not necessarily see it in interior design, it still has its use on a package of smokes.