Find those Pinterest-worthy kitchen cabinet pulls.
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Emily Henderson Kitchen Cabinet Hardware
Credit: Emily Henderson Design / Photography by Sara Tramp

Even if re-doing your entire kitchen isn't in the budget right now, there are some little things you can do to update the look of your kitchen cabinets. Swapping out your kitchen cabinet hardware is an easy way to give the whole room an update. Unlike paint, cabinet fronts, or appliances, kitchen cabinet hardware is relatively inexpensive and is easy for even the most DIY-challenged person to install. So why not go bold and pick up some playful alternatives from these great sources.

Pro tip: Before you start shopping, carefully measure the distance between the holes on your current drawer pulls. If you buy the same size, you can avoid filling holes in your cabinet and the entire process of switching out the hardware takes just minutes.

AnthropologieFrom simple metalto beautiful leather wrapped drawer pulls, Anthropologie has plenty of options. It just all depends on how ornate you want to get. While you might want to invest in some more practical options for the drawers and cabinets that get a lot of use, you can also add some fancy knobs to your china cabinet or pantry.

Price: $$-$$$

Simply Knobs & Pulls: Offering basically every finish and style you could ever want in a drawer pull or knob, this site has over two hundred options to choose from. With choices that feel more modern to really ornate, there's something for every style.

Price: $-$$$

IKEA: Just like you'd expect from IKEA, they've got a solid selections of the basics. If you're searching for chrome, black, or brass knobs in classic shapes, look no further. Plus, you can't beat the prices; they're definitely on the lower end of the spectrum.

Price: $

Etsy: Etsy has a surprising selectionof drawer knobs and kitchen cabinet pulls. Unlike bigger box stores, the real beauty here is that if you're looking for something really unique, like knobs made from agate, malachite, sea glass, or leather, you can absolutely find it here.

Price: $-$$

Schoolhouse: The basics done really well and in a variety of finishes, Schoolhouse offers beautiful, delicate looking hardware that nods to vintage styles but still feels current. While it's pricey, you're getting quality hardware that will last way longer than the cabinet color du jour.

Price: $$$

Lowe's: Sometimes you just want something simple, uncomplicated, and right now. That's the beauty of going to a home improvement store like Lowe's. You can sift through the knobs and pulls and take a look at exactly what you're getting. Plus, the prices are pretty affordable depending upon what you choose.

Price: $

CB2: You might not immediately think of CB2 for hardware, but the big secret is that they have cheaper takes on knobs and pulls you've seen elsewhere. With just the right amount of detail to make them feel special, this might be one of our favorite, but least expected, sources for kitchen cabinet hardware.

Price: $-$$