When you're decorating your first place, these are the best stores to shop.
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Best Place to Buy Furniture for Your First Apartment, living room illustration
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When you're decorating your first apartment, you have big dreams of designing your ideal home. But at the same time, you're simply trying to make the first month's rent. We get it. Luckily, there are some home decor shops and retailers selling furniture that's both ultra-stylish and surprisingly affordable. These are the best places to shop for furniture for your first apartment. From quirky finds no one else will have, to minimalist furniture you'll want to take with you not just to your first apartment but every home that follows, these 10 sites offer it all.

World Market

If you love the boho aesthetic or want interesting light fixtures, baskets, and rugs no one else will own, World Market is the site to shop. Here you'll find not only affordable furniture for your first apartment, but also plenty of storage options. (Hint: it's also secretly one of the best places to shop for inexpensive gifts!)

OK, no surprise here, but Amazon is a treasure trove of affordable finds. If you want a first apartment that doesn't feel too cookie cutter in style, stick to buying just the basics from Amazon. Cleaning supplies and inexpensive organizers abound here.

We all know that H&M is a destination for affordable fashion, but it also carries an impressive selection of home goods. The best part: the colors and fabrics change with the seasons, so it's easy to swap decor out without spending a fortune. Look here for colorful throw pillow covers, cheap blankets, and even linen bedding at shockingly good prices.

When you want luxe details—think mirrors, blankets, and tableware—that look many times their price tag, turn to Zara Home. From elegant bedding and rugs to table lamps and glassware, the home goods section of this fast fashion retailer offers expensive-looking finds at reasonable prices.

Bins and baskets from this organizing superstore may cost a little more, but they're high quality and durable, so you know they'll outlast your first apartment. Shop here for containers you can keep on display, like woven baskets, then get clear plastic bins you'll hide away elsewhere.

For everything from affordable kitchen appliances, to your first set of pans, to elegant wooden serving boards, Target has you covered. This one-stop shop will help you quickly knock all of the "must-haves" off of your list. Then, let the different collections guide you towards accents that match your style. Joanna Gaines' line Heart & Hand delivers modern farmhouse style, while Opalhouse is fun and colorful.

While an apartment that looks straight out of the IKEA catalog (as much as we love the IKEA catalog!) likely isn't what you're going for, it's still the best place to shop for affordable furniture with clean lines that won't go out of style within the next five minutes. Get a few basics here, then accessorize with vintage finds or decor that reflects your personal style.

If you live in a small apartment with no square footage to spare, Urban Outfitters will quickly become your go-to. It has slim organizing towers, magnetic fridge organizers, and tons of shelving that makes use of vertical space. Plus, you'll find fun accents and little tech gadgets you never knew your first apartment needed (hello, portable shower speakers!).

A favorite for one-of-a-kind finds, this is where you'll discover a decorative hair tools holder or a dog breed cheese board. Order accents from this site and everyone is sure to ask, Where did you find that?

Every apartment needs one or two splurge items—and Anthropologie is one of the best places to find them. Every item here has character, from charming drawer pulls to update your IKEA dresser, to a luxurious handmade rug. But be careful: you're going to want it all.