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Updated February 20, 2009
Wendell T. Webber

Q. We are replacing the carpet in our bedrooms and would like to increase the value of our house by getting the type and color that is liked by most people. What's the best pick?

Julie Barfield

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A. Wall-to-wall carpeting probably won't increase the value of your home. "It's a personal choice that might not appeal to the majority of buyers," says John Gidding, a designer for HGTV's Designed to Sell. But the flip side is that this traditional floor covering won't decrease your home's value, either. If you have a soft spot for it, consider installing frieze carpet, which is the most popular type of carpeting today, according to Chris Davis, president of the World Floor Covering Association. Frieze has a knobby appearance and is more durable than other styles because it is a cut pile that has a high twist level. Which means what? "Its texture helps hide dirt and stains," explains Davis. And when choosing a color, opt for a neutral shade. "Earth tones―like beige, moss green, and brown―work well with other colors and appeal to most people."

An attractive alternative to traditional wall-to-wall carpeting is modular flooring, such as Flor carpet squares ( "Not only are there so many more options for color and texture," says Genevieve Gorder, a designer and a host of HGTV's Dear Genevieve, but "if it begins to show wear, you can simply replace a carpet tile instead of the entire room." And because these tiles are more versatile, you can play with different color options. Gorder recommends "exploring the world of charcoals, dusty grays, and creamy yellows."

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