Add more hours to your life.

By Sarah Yang
Updated March 07, 2017

It’s time to ditch the Allen wrench and those tiny screws that come in IKEA packages. Now your furniture can be assembled in minutes by just “clicking” the pieces together. If you ever spent an extremely frustrating afternoon trying to decipher the wordless instruction booklet and misplacing all the small screws and pegs, those furniture building sessions are about to get a lot easier. You might even look forward to assembling your IKEA pieces.

The wedge dowel, which was first introduced by the Swedish retailer in 2014, is here to make the furniture assembly process quicker. According to IKEA, it’s a small ribbed fitting that comes pre-installed in the furniture panels. The pegs make it easy to interlock pieces through pre-drilled holes. Since you don’t have to screw anything together, it's easy to disassemble products and put them back together. The furniture will stay sturdy no matter how many times you take it apart and reassemble, especially convenient for people who tend to move homes a lot.

Originally, the wedge dowel was only a feature in the REGISSÖR storage series and STOCKHOLM cabinets. Now, the retailer is looking to expand the easy feature to the rest of its wooden furniture line—starting with its wooden Lisabo table series. With the table, the dowels are built into the legs, making it easy to snap into the slots on the tabletop. You’ll be eating or working on that table in no time.