6 Ways to Make a Cold Kitchen Feel Warm and Inviting

Watch out, living room—the kitchen is about to become the best-loved room in the house. 

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Because modern kitchens and their appliances tend to be sleek and shiny—thanks a lot, stainless steel!—they can end up feeling a little chilly. While you want your kitchen to feel clean and uncluttered with wipe-clean surfaces, you don’t want it to feel clinical and cold. But don't worry: these little kitchen design details will make your kitchen feel like a cozy space your family (and guests) will want to hang out in. Here are some easy ways to warm up the heart of your home.

Add a warm rug

It’s not uncommon to see beautiful Kilim-style rugs in the kitchen. Not only do they offer a little cushion if you’re on your feet for a few hours, but they also add color and style to the room. Just don’t invest in anything too pricey that can’t be easily cleaned. Since you’re in the kitchen, the chance for spills and drips double.

Create a coffee station

A home that feels inviting allows guests to help themselves to what they need quickly and easily. Creating a coffee and tea station in the kitchen makes it easy for guests to help themselves to a warm drink whenever they want. To set up your own coffee station, outfit a side table, cart, or small shelf with the essentials: a few mugs, a coffee maker, a jar full of tea bags, and all the fixings (sugar, spices, honey). Choose a coffee maker that's easy to use, like the Cuisinart New Copper Collection 14-Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker, so visitors and family members can help themselves. You can set the brew time up to 24 hours in advance, so you can wake up to the scent of fresh coffee. Plus, the pretty rose gold color will warm up your kitchen counter.

Display towels

Hanging a few patterned tea towels on your oven door or by the sink add texture and can come in handy as you cook. Plus, there are so many beautiful colors and patterns available to suit almost any style. If you like to keep your kitchen playful, you can even choose towels with funny or clever sayings. There’s nothing like having a conversation starter in the kitchen when guests stop by.

Keep your cookbooks on display

Don’t stick these beauties in a cabinet! Keeping your cookbooks on display adds color and interest to the kitchen. Plus, you’ll actually use them when they’re accessible. Cookbooks are also the ultimate conversation starter. It tells guests what styles of food you like to cook and the recipes and chefs you turn to time and time again.

Curate your counters

Draw inspiration from the goddess of all kitchen set-ups, Nancy Meyers. In her movies, the counters never look cluttered but always feel homey and lived-in. A vase of flowers, a big bowl of fruit, a delectable baked confection, or even beautiful salt and pepper mills, all make it feel like people actually use the kitchen. Add these beautiful touches and keep things like junk mail and empty recyclables out of the mix.

Show off your serveware

A floating pot rack or open shelves create the ideal space to show off the prettier kitchen accessories you own. Copper pots, colored glassware, or patterned cake stands are all pretty enough that they shouldn’t be tucked away in a cabinet. A few pieces of artwork and the occasional plant can also add the height and dimension you want on your shelves.

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