Get ready for your coziest fall, ever. 

By Caylin Harris
October 01, 2019
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If your great interior design loves include lots of white, black, and gray or an abundance of clean lines, you might end up with a room that feels a little on the chilly side. That cold feeling has less to do with the actual temperature of the room—it’s all about the design temperature. Don’t worry, you don’t need to crank up the heat! Instead here are some easy decorating tricks that can make your home look and feel warmer, without racking up a big utility bill. From introducing cozy rugs underfoot to hanging curtains that double as extra insulation, here are some easy ways to make every room feel instantly warmer. 

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Wayfair Sale: Deals on Vacuums iRobot RoombaIncorporate texture

Basically, texture equals warmth. Sure, you can paint a space a warmer color like shades of pink, red, or yellow, but if you favor neutral hues, texture is your best friend. Try adding a plush blanket, like the Company Store's velvety soft blanket, to your sofa or bed. It comes in five pretty color options and three sizes (twin, full/queen, and king), so it's luxuriously sized to cover your entire bed. And did we mention, it's even machine washable, so you don't have to worry about snuggling up with it while eating snacks on the couch. 

Other easy ways to add texture: introduce embroidered pillows or a woven ottoman to add dimension to your space. Plus, they’re easy and inexpensive to swap in and out as your taste in color and trends change.

Light some candles 

Not only do they cast the most flattering light and smell fantastic, but candles will also add a warm glow and a little heat to your space. It goes without saying that you should never leave candles burning unattended and you should always keep kids, curious pets, and any flammable items far from the flame. To avoid indoor air quality issues, make sure you’re using clean-burning, soy wax options instead of paraffin when possible.

Add a rug 

It adds a sink-your-toes-in feeling to any and every room, while adding a hit of color and pattern. Rugs also help muffle noise, so adding one or two in a living or dining room will keep the sound of chatter from traveling. For a bit of extra texture, look for rugs that feature nubby details or both a high and low pile. It creates movement within the room and feels amazing underfoot.

Hang curtains 

The beauty of curtains? They provide a physical barrier from the chill that can permeate through your windows. Plus, they look good, too. Stripes, solids, velvet, embellished, you’ve got enough options no matter your decor style. A space with zero window treatments (along with having zero privacy) can feel cold and unlived in. While there are exceptions to the rule, it’s rare to regret a beautiful curtain, blinds, or window panel purchase. 

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Include personal touches 

If you favor a minimal design style, you don’t have to go too crazy stuffing your space full of belongings. Be selective and carefully curate your selection so only your favorites appear. Artwork, favorite photographs, and a handful of your most treasured books all help to personalize and warm up a room. Bare walls and all bare surfaces make a house feel more like a showroom than a place where people live!