Hello, heated corgi slippers!

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 12, 2019
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Urban Outfitters

According to the Farmers' Almanac, the forecast for this winter is a little chillier than normal. In addition to prepping our homes for the cold weather and precipitation to come, now's the time to order the warmest, coziest gadgets we can find. While some of these products are playful—we're looking at you, corgi-shaped heated slippers—all of these innovative products will help you survive this winter. Stock up now on these fingerless gloves and a luxurious towel warmer to stay comfortable and cozy during your winter of hibernation.



The only thing that could make those Netflix marathons even more enjoyable? This heated pouch designed to warm up your feet. The water-filled pocket heats up quickly in just 15 minutes, and provides up to five hours of warmth.

To buy: $50, amazon.com.



Also on our list of silly, yet surprisingly practical gadgets are these warming, toast-shaped gloves. They're fingerless, so you can continue typing while your hands warm up.

To buy: $19, amazon.com.

Urban Outfitters


Cute and quirky? Yes. Warm and practical? Definitely! These corgi-shaped slippers aren't just adorable, but they heat up via USB to keep your feet warm and cozy as you read or watch TV. 

To buy: $35, urbanoutfitters.com



Is there anything more luxurious than having warm towels waiting for you when you get out of the shower? This at-home towel warmer will elevate your bathroom to five-star-hotel status. 

To buy: $80, bedbathandbeyond.com



When your office feels like an ice box and even typing becomes a challenge, this heated mouse pad will help. Reviewers note that if you move between your mouse and keyboard often, it causes some disruption to workflow, but it will definitely keep your fingers toasty warm.

To buy: $25, amazon.com.