Art Decor Mirrors on Amazon

Wall Decoration Mirrors From Amazon to Brighten Up Your Home

These options have thousands of five-star ratings. 
By Andrea Marie
March 25, 2021
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If there's one thing that people are doing during the pandemic, it's sprucing up their homes. Since so much time has been spent right at home, it makes sense that we're all redecorating more frequently. If you've been bit by the home decor bug, it could be time to look into some accent pieces, such as mirrors.

We scoped Amazon for top-rated wall mirrors, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with what we found. Below, a range of wall decoration mirrors that'll elevate any room. 


Bonnyco Gold Mirrors, Pack of 3


Why have one when you can have three? This pack of accent wall mirrors is perfect for anyone who’s looking for small decor, and it happens to be the highest-rated option in this roundup. Each mirror is a little under 10 inches tall, so they won’t take up much room on your walls, but they’ll definitely stand out. The dainty designs will fit in with minimalist or classic interior styles, and their golden hue will literally light up any room they’re placed in. Because they’re plastic, they’re lightweight and very easy to mount. 

A lot of customers have added their own spin to these mirrors. “I got a little creative… and added a couple of wood rods and spray painted it,” one said. “I experimented with some blue paint I had and it paid off—my friend said they looked more expensive than they were. It took me all of 10 minutes to do all three,” said another.

Art Decor Mirrors on Amazon

Mkono Macrame Wall Hanging Mirror


If you have a bohemian sense of style, this mirror is definitely for you. The octagonal mirror hangs from woven macrame, adding an artistic flair to its overall look. The mirror itself is about 9.5 by 9.5 inches, while the macrame hanger is 34 inches long, so the entire piece takes up enough space to make a statement. Place it over your bed, in a hallway, in your living room—it really works anywhere. 

Shoppers are impressed by the quality of this mirror, saying it’s weightier than expected and doesn’t have a plastic feel to it. “It's not ‘heavy’ per se, but heavy enough to let you know it's not plastic (and maybe heavier than a light-weight picture-hanging nail can hold). It's cute and different because of the octagon shape,” one customer wrote.


Stonebriar Sunburst Wall Mirror


Do you want something that stands out? This mirror brightens up a room with its sunburst-inspired design. It’s golden like the sun too, and it’s one of the larger mirrors on this list at approximately 24 inches tall. Best of all, it easily installs with one screw. 

“I am in love with this mirror! It looks so pretty in my bedroom and is just the right shade of gold. It’s not very heavy, so mounting to the wall was a breeze,” one reviewer wrote. Another added, “I put it right by my entryway in my house, it’s a perfect mirror to check my face before leaving out the door.”

Art Decor Mirrors on Amazon

Stonebriar Geometric Wall Mirror


Sticking with the geometric theme, this piece with a wire frame surrounding an octagon-shaped mirror is another showstopper. It has a brassier-looking finish with an antique gold tint, which would work well in a rustic-style home. It’s the largest mirror listed here at over 28 inches in diameter. The mirror comes with two keyhole mounting brackets and easily hangs with two screws (not included). 

Customers credit the mirror for adding a sophisticated touch to their homes, with one saying, “The bronze geometric shape and cut-out detailing create an expensive and luxurious look.” Others are pleasantly surprised with the quality they get for less than $50. “It was an amazing value for the price, considering most mirrors this size are almost double the price, if not more,” a shopper wrote.


Mkono Fringe Round Hanging Mirror


This is another great option for those with bohemian-inspired decor. Accented with rattan touches in a sunburst-like design, the Mkono Fringe Round Hanging Mirror is almost guaranteed to draw attention. Including the fringe, the mirror is 20 inches in diameter. Some shoppers report having to pin the outside trim in order for it to hang with its intended shape. The mirror also comes with a comb for getting through the knitting before hanging it up.

“I put it in my daughter’s nursery and it looks amazing! It’s something that she can keep hanging up in her room even as she gets older,” said one shopper. Wrote another, “It’s GORGEOUS. I appreciate the care put into [the] work, the comb it comes with is so helpful too.”