Bring a little beauty to everyday tasks with these upgraded utilitarian items. (Is that a toilet brush or a work of art?)

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Buying essential household items isn’t necessarily at the top of most people’s “favorite things to do” list. Shopping for boring, yet necessary items can be a drag. What could possibly be exciting about a toilet brush? Prepare for your entire household to get a lot more aesthetically pleasing because we’re here to show you how you can get the best of both worlds. Basic household items can be eye-catching and design-worthy. It just so happens that we’ve found the A-list members of the utilitarian, yet chic club below.

These gorgeous enhancements to everyday items may be just the touch your room is missing. Add a cheery pink pop to your bathroom with a rosy electric toothbrush. You’ll use it every day and it will brighten up the room (not to mention, your smile). Save the earth while upgrading your toilet’s aesthetic by purchasing concrete toilet accessories inspired by coveted Swedish design.

Or, enhance your kitchen and your cooking skills with a porcelain spice grinder that looks more like a mini sculpture than something you use to cook with. Your friends will be impressed with the meal and this chic little utensil. No kitchen is ever complete without trendy salt and pepper shakers either. With so many designs to choose from, you can easily select a pair that complements your dinnerware.

Even items for simple tasks can be oh-so-elegant. Can’t reach the top shelf? Quit folding up your rudimental plastic stepladder, and opt in for an elegant teak stepstool (that’s also water-resistant) that will lift you and your room’s spirit. Taking a trip to the market will feel whimsical and fun rolling a lovely wicker market cart rather than overloading a shoulder bag with too many items.

You’re going to want to keep these upgraded utilitarian items out for everyone to see. Here’s to showing off your dustpan!

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Richman Dustpan

1 Richman Dustpan

More than just eye candy, this retro dustpan also boasts a wooden brush that nestles perfectly inside the handle for compact storage.

To buy: $29;

Niko Power Strip

2 Niko Power Strip

The power strip gets a cool makeover with a hexagon-shaped wood form and a colored cord that makes it a cinch to find.

To buy: $95;

Wild One Poop-Bag Carrier

3 Wild One Poop-Bag Carrier

Add some street style to dog walking with this sleek poop-bag carrier, which features an easy-twist top for fast reloading.

To buy: $12;

Goby Rose Electric Brush Kit

4 Goby Rose Electric Brush Kit

This luxurious yet powerful toothbrush will make a ho-hum activity something you'll actually want to do.

To buy: $75;

Olli Ella Rattan Market Cart

5 Olli Ella Rattan Market Cart

Whether you’re hauling fresh produce or flea-market finds, schlepping your groceries has never been so chic.

To buy: $135;

The Spice Grinder

6 The Spice Grinder

Feast your eyes on this porcelain spice grinder, which will give your cooking—and your kitchen’s style—a boost.

To buy: $35;

Iris Hantverk Concrete Toilet Accessories

7 Iris Hantverk Concrete Toilet Accessories

Give toilet accessories a Swedish touch with these substantial versions.

To buy: From $68;

Teak Step Stool

8 Teak Step Stool

This stunning, water-resistant step stool will give you reasons to reach for things on the top shelf.

To buy: $128;

Menu Salt and Pepper Mills

9 Menu Salt and Pepper Mills

The opening is at the top of these clever sculptural grinders, so less salt ends up on your counter.

To buy: $74 for set of 2;