10 Unique Lighting Options That Aren't Your Average Table Lamp

Transform your space with one or more of these super cool lights.

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Lighting is one of the most important choices you're going to make when decorating your home. Not only do you need to check that your light sources produce the right amount of light for your space, but you also want them to create your desired ambiance and fit well within the overall style of your home.

There are plenty of lighting options out there, but those options dwindle if you're living somewhere where you're unable to make or add changes to light fixtures. The choices become even fewer if you are trying to find cool lighting for rooms that isn't your average table lamp.

So we rounded up 10 unique lighting options that don't require preexisting electrical wiring or serious installation. If you're looking for living room lighting ideas, consider this sleek plug-in pendant or this unique floor lamp from Brightech. There's also this cool table lamp from Urban Outfitters, which is small and low-in-light enough to live comfortably on a nightstand.

Read on to shop alternative lighting options from Amazon, Wayfair, Nordstrom, and more—prices start at $13.

Balkwan Sunset Projection Lamp

sunset lamp


This TikTok-famous sunset lamp gives you the gift of the golden hour whenever you'd like. The little lamp, which is only about 10 inches tall, projects sunset-mimicking yellow and orange hues, and the further away from the wall the lamp sits, the bigger the projection gets. It creates a stunning display, particularly against bare white walls. If you'd prefer the sunset to radiate from your ceiling, just tilt the lamp head 90 degrees.

Confetti Glass Table Lamp

table lamp


Another piece of lighting that's popular with the Gen Z TikTok audience, the mushroom lamp is actually vintage. The design dates back to the 1970s in Murano, Italy, which is famous for creating striking glasswork of all kinds. Urban Outfitters has made the pricey style (they usually sell for hundreds of dollars) accessible for the masses. What makes this mushroom lamp special is its colorful confetti pattern, another classic element of the Murano glass design—it's available in two colors.

Minetom USB Fairy Lights

string lights


Fairy lights generate an ambiance that is both cozy and special, whether they're indoors or out. And with these fairy lights, which have more than 11,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, you can control the brightness and flashing speed of the lights, as well as set them on a timer via a remote control. Hang these lights on your walls or along your furniture, such as a bookcase or shelving—or, thanks to their flexibility, roll them into balls and put them inside clear vases or Mason jars.

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Uncommon Goods Accordion Structural Lamp

table lamp


So many lighting opportunities await with this Uncommon Goods gem. The Accordion Structural Lamp is three different lamps in one: Pull the wooden bases apart from each other and you'll be greeted with a luminous accordion-like light, stretch that accordion out even further and stick the wooden bases together (they're magnetized) for a striking circular table lamp that can sit upright on a table, or attach the included magnetic handle to one of the bases and turn the lamp into a hanging lantern or mobile light.

Apt 2B Debby Table Lamp

floor lamp


Another way to shake up your lamp game is to forgo a shade entirely. This bedroom lamp will add style with its eye-catching antique brass color and mid-century modern-inspired design. Plus, with its included Edison lightbulb, a style that offers less light than your average light bulb, you won't be blinded while lying next to it.

Wade Logan Hanceville 1 Schoolhouse Pendant

overhead light


Contrary to popular belief, you don't need electrical wiring to enjoy a pendant light. This sleek pendant light from Wayfair is more than 14 feet long, and you can customize its hanging length to your preferences. It can be easily turned on and off with the switch located on the cord. If you're worried about the light being too bright through its clear shade, you can rest easy knowing that the lamp comes with an Edison-style lightbulb, like the one above.

Govee White LED Strip Lights

string lights


Strip lights are a great way to add lighting in your home without taking up too much space because they're adhesive, allowing you to simply stick them to any dry surface of your choosing. You can also safely cut up this 16-foot strip light, so one package can light up multiple places in your home. These lights look great lined up behind, under, or around furniture or built-in features of your home, including bed headboards, cabinets, shelving, steps, and more.

Divatla Hello Sunshine Neon Sign

neon sign


A neon sign is not only a great lighting idea, but also eye-catching wall décor. Of all the neon signs to choose from, this Amazon find is comparatively small at nearly 11 inches wide and 10 inches tall and boasts a neutral white light that won't clash with other décor. You can adjust the brightness of this sign, and it comes with most of the tools necessary for wall installation (you'll need a drill needed to get the screws into the wall).

Brightech Sphere LED Floor Lamp

floor lamp

This stylish and sophisticated gold floor lamp will enhance any space it occupies. The elegant, frosted globes are an interesting alternative to a traditional lamp shade. Plus, their LED lights can last up to 20,000 hours and are compatible with smart assistants such as Alexa, Apple, and Google (though it needs a smart plug to activate that connectivity).

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Textured Glass Table Lamp

table lamp


If you're still married to the traditional table lamp, one way to shake things up is to opt for a lampshade that is not made of fabric, like with this Urban Outfitters lamp. The lines in the textured glass shade will create a beautiful projection on your table and nearby walls. Plus, with its small size (13.5 inches tall and 10.25 inches wide), it'll fit nicely on shelving and smaller side tables or nightstands.

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