Your television doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Designers share their best tips for placing it in the room.

By Emily Hsieh
Updated February 06, 2017
Floto + Warner
Floto + Warner

Surround the TV With Furniture

Get the look and feel of a built-in for less by flanking a television with étagères or tall bookcases painted the same color as the wall. Style shelves with artful objects so your eyes naturally go there instead of landing on the TV, suggest designers Jennifer Wundrow and Heather Brock. Fill the blank space under the TV with a neutral-colored bench.

Blend the TV Into an Art Wall

One of the best ways to get that big black screen to fade away is to surround it with framed prints. Designer Maria Von Hartz says to keep it simple: monochromatic pieces in black and white frames, hung asymmetrically with a bit of breathing space between each. Place a slim console below to anchor the arrangement.

Underline the TV

For a minimalist effect, find an art ledge about two feet wider than the TV and install it about six inches underneath the screen. Add a couple of framed pieces and a decorative object or two (like a vase or votive), suggests designer Mat Sanders.

Frame and Float the TV

A wall-mounted credenza looks high-end even if it isn’t. Find affordable picks at Ikea—three or four Sektion cabinets mounted side by side, for example, make for a modular credenza.

Tip: “People often hang their TV too high, like above a fireplace,” says designer Annie Fitzgerald. “It looks awkward, strains your neck, and puts a crimp in your best couch potato position.” Center it 38 to 48 inches off the ground—eye level for the average adult when seated.