Including the color everyone will be wearing.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 05, 2018
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Top Trends 2019, colorful Etsy Earrings

As the end of the year draws near, trend experts everywhere are placing their bets on the top trends that will take over in 2019. Over at Etsy, trend pro Dayna Isom Johnson has already cast her votes for the five trends that will truly take off in the new year. From the color we'll all be wearing, to the nature-inspired wall art trend we can't wait to try, Isom Johnson has pinpointed trends that will make you excited about what's to come.

Etsy has officially declared 2019 the year of Being Real. All-natural products, a focus on sustainability, and a realistic approach to fashion and home decor is what's in store. While 2018 was a year of idealism and magical motifs (yes, unicorns), 2019 will champion more realistic themes (hello, relatable sloths). Check out all five of the forthcoming fads, below, then start shopping now so you can get ahead of the trend.

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colorful earrings from Etsy

1 Maximalism Is In

Minimalism has been a big theme this year, but in 2019, the unrealistic goal will be met with a resurgence in maximalism. Think, louder colors, mixing patterns, and combining styles. "What was once considered clutter is now on-trend," Dayna Isom Johnson writes, so give yourself permission to get a little bit messy. 

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Burnt Orange yoga outfit

2 Burnt Orange

Color trends will take cues from the earth in 2019, including desert-inspired burnt orange. This energetic color is bright and bold, yet also grounding. Expect to see it on everything from sports bras to throw pillows in the coming year. 

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Herbarium from Etsy

3 Herbariums

Move over, terrariums—no-maintenance herbariums will be taking over in 2019. Created by pressing flowers and foliage between panes of glass, herbariums will be the wall-art trend to watch next year. Over the past few months, Etsy has seen an uptick in searches for "pressed flowers." 

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South Western style quilt

4 Southwestern Style

As earthy colors and patterns gain traction, so will Southwestern style, predicts Dayna Isom Johnson. The cacti trend led the way, but soon desert-inspired illustrations and woven textiles will also be popular. 

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Top Trends 2019, Sloths pillow

5 Sloths Are Chic

Step aside, unicorns, there's a new trendy animal in town: the sloth. Perhaps because they remind us of our own couch-lounging, Netflix-watching selves, sloths are poised to become the "it" animal motif of 2019. 

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