Prints and paintings can be delicate. Protect them with these easy-to-follow tips.

By Real Simple
Updated August 09, 2010
William Abranowicz
  1. Beware of sunlight and heat, both of which can damage art. When you have pieces framed, ask for UV-coated glass. And take note of windows and radiators before you choose a spot for anything precious.
  2. Tighten slack wires on the backs of frames, especially if your goal is precision hanging (lining up art in a grid, say). A loose wire makes it hard to control the height of a piece.
  3. To protect walls, use peel-and-stick clear rubber bumpers on the back corners of frames. Rubber pads, $4.50 for 18,
  4. Choose the right hooks for the weight of your art. Ook brand hooks offer a range of up to 160 pounds and leave tiny holes that are easy to repair if you change your mind. Shields professional hangers, from $5,
  5. Fix mistakes on a white wall with Spackle (sold at hardware stores) and a fingertip. Apply a tiny dot over a hole, then smooth with a damp paper towel. (White toothpaste can do the job in a pinch.)